ADHD & Executive Functions Forum: Understand Your Brain to Manage Your Life

February 21-22, 2012 | 7-9pm EST both nights  | ONLINE!

NOTE: Although this event has concluded, you may still register for access to the recorded presentation and downloadable materials. This is a limited-time offer.


Dear Fellow ADHDer,

Has anyone ever told you that you just need to “try harder”? Did that make you want to cry? Lash out with anger? Give up entirely?

Of course, if all it took was your trying harder, then you wouldn’t have 99% of the challenges that you’re dealing with, would you? If all it took was trying harder, then you’d be on time all the time, you’d be able to focus whenever you needed to, and you’d be totally organized. Not to mention that your refrigerator would always be stocked, your laundry would always be done, your home would always be neat and clean, and you’d remember every important date, every item on your to-do list, and every little detail about the people and things in your life.

If trying harder was all it took, your life would be close to perfect. Because you’ve always been willing to try, and even to try harder, you just haven’t succeeded.


That’s because you and I both know that trying harder doesn’t work if you don’t have the right information, skills, and tools to accomplish your goals in day-to-day life.


You’ve heard the term “executive functions” in relation to adult ADHD, but you might not know what it means. Simply put, executive functions are high-level brain processes that help us navigate a complex world. They help us decide between competing demands. They help us to figure out what is the most important thing in the moment, and then to act on that information.

Executive functions play a crucial role in day-to-day life and, unfortunately for us, they are the very things most affected by ADHD, like:

  • Working memory (short term memory)
  • Sense of time
  • Prospective memory (remembering to remember)
  • Emotional self-control
  • Activation and persistence (starting and finishing tasks)
  • Hindsight (using lessons from the past) and forethought (projecting future consequences)

Understanding executive functions and how they are affected by ADHD is the key to managing your life and living successfully with ADHD.


Dr. Ari Tuckman, PsyD is a prominent psychologist and ADHD expert who knows executive functions. He’s written 3 books on adult ADHD, and his latest book, The ADHD Executive Functions Workbook, is all about understanding your brain to get more done. He has a knack for taking complicated scientific information and making it understandable and useful.

At the Virtual AD/HD Conference this past October, Dr. Tuckman gave a 1-hour presentation on the basics of executive functions as they relate to life with ADHD. It was the highest rated presentation of the entire conference. So I asked Dr. Tuckman to expand his presentation for the ADHD & Executive Functions Forum, so that we can dig into the nitty gritty of executive functions, truly understand the ADHD brain, and learn how to better manage our lives.

During the 4-hour, 2-evening Executive Functions Forum, Dr. Ari Tuckman will teach you how to understand your brain and the executive function weaknesses common to ADHD so that you can create more effective strategies, including how to:

  • Inhibit your responses to allow the executive functions to do their job
  • Hold information in mind without forgetting it or becoming distracted
  • Manage your time better
  • Remember what you need to do
  • Curb your impulses and manage your emotions
  • Begin and follow-through on the tasks and chores that your find boring
  • Make better choices in the moment
  • Focus on your long term goals
  • Assess which treatment options can help you improve executive functions, like medication, therapy, and more
  • Learn from your mistakes, rather than beating yourself up for setbacks

When you register for the ADHD & Executive Functions Forum, you’ll get 4 hours of structured information and practical strategies from a prominent psychologist and ADHD expert—for less than the cost of a session with most doctors, therapists, and coaches.

Register to receive:

  • Admission to the live webinar presentation (Tuesday and Wednesday February 21 & 22 from 7-9pm EST)
  • Access to the playback of the live webinar (In case you can’t make it to the live event)
  • Recordings of the presentations – yours to download and keep!
  • Presentation slides – yours to download and keep!
  • Access to the members-only website in which you can connect with your peers, ask questions, share resources, and discuss your experiences

Join us as we take an in-depth look at executive functions and the ADHD brain to learn how to better manage day-to-day life!


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As I mentioned earlier, Dr. Tuckman’s 1-hour presentation on this subject was the top rated session at least year’s Virtual AD/HD Conference. So you won’t want to miss this in-depth, practical forum that will teach you everything you need to know about your ADHD brain and how to make it perform better to make your life easier!


All My Best,
Jennifer Koretsky
CEO of



P.S. Remember – this seminar is completely online! All you need to attend is your computer. And there’s no need to worry if you can’t attend live because everyone who registers will be able to playback the audio/visual presentation, as well as download the presentation slides and audio recordings for future reference.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations will be accepted through February 14, 2012. A full refund, less at 10% administrative fee, will be issued.