ADHD & Money Management Online Seminar

Get Organized and Take Control of Your Finances!

March 20-21, 2012 | 7-9pm EST both nights  | ONLINE!

NOTE: Although this event has concluded, you may still register for access to the recorded presentation and downloadable materials. This is a limited-time offer.

Dear Fellow ADHDer,

If you have problems managing your money, you’re not alone. Did you know that, even though it’s rarely talked about, money management challenges are one of the most common problems that people with ADHD face?

In fact, the research is downright shocking. Studies show that people with ADHD:

  • Have a greater amount of debt, more difficulty paying their bills, and less money saved up than people without ADHD
  • Have lower incomes than those without ADHD, even when they have a similar education level
  • Are more likely to take risks that lead to a loss of money
  • Have higher total medical costs than those without ADHD

Sound familiar?

Adults with ADHD who struggle with money management suffer from low self-confidence when it comes to their ability to manage their money. Many feel like failures. When you just can’t seem to get your finances in order and the stress of mounting debt and expenses looms overhead, it’s easy to feel defeated and hopeless.

If you have ADHD and you struggle with money management, then you may find yourself:

  • Accumulating debt that you can’t seem to pay down
  • Misplacing money, credit cards, or your checkbook
  • Feeling afraid to even look at your bank accounts
  • Forgetting how much money you spent and where you spent it
  • Missing bill payments or making late payments, and incurring penalty fees
  • Making impulsive purchases and overspending on shopping trips
  • Lacking any significant savings
  • Unable to secure credit or get a loan due to a poor credit rating
  • Fighting about money with your significant other
  • Feeling utterly clueless and hopeless when it comes to managing your finances

The idea of becoming organized enough to manage your money seems like a daunting task, I know. But here’s the good news:


Money management skills can be learned.
You can take control of your finances, even with your ADHD!


Stephanie Sarkis ADHDDr. Stephanie Moulton Sarkis, Ph.D. is a prominent psychotherapist and the author of four books on adult ADHD, including the highly renowned “ADD And Your Money: A Guide to Personal Finance for Adults with Attention-Deficit Disorder.” She speaks internationally, and often appears in national media outlets like CNN, ABC, and Smart Money Magazine, frequently covering the topic of ADHD and money management.

In private practice, Dr. Sarkis has worked with countless clients who felt hopeless about their financial situations to help them turn things around, get organized, and take control of their finances. And now she’s taking that knowledge and experience online!

During the 4-hour, 2-evening ADHD & Money Management Seminar, Dr. Stephanie Sarkis will empower you with the knowledge and confidence you need to finally get organized and manage your money in an ADHD-friendly way.

During this seminar that’s designed exclusively for adults with ADHD, you’ll:

  1. Get the hang of practical tips and tricks to simplify money management
  2. Learn how treating your ADHD can actually help you to manage your money better
  3. Obtain techniques to curb your impulsive spending
  4. Change the way you think about budgeting by learning an ADHD-friendly budgeting system that won’t get you caught up in the details
  5. Determine how to automate your bills and finances
  6. Get recommendations for affordable, ADHD-friendly money management software that can make your life easier
  7. Figure out how to work together with your significant other on money management issues, and decrease the time you spend fighting about money
  8. Find out what to do when your adult ADHD child is not financially independent
  9. Grasp how your credit score is determined, and the implications of a poor credit score
  10. Learn how to deal with debt collectors so they don’t drive you crazy
  11. Discover how to work with creditors to reduce your debt
  12. Establish which financial professionals are worth the expense, and the best ways to work with them
  13. Determine the implications of major financial events, like being foreclosed on and filing for bankruptcy
  14. Explore some options available to you when you feel like you’re so deep in debt that you’ll never get out of it
  15. Get your money management questions answered by an internationally recognized expert in ADHD and money management (when you attend the live seminar online)!

Remember, this seminar is completely online! All you need to attend is your computer. And there’s no need to worry if you can’t attend live because everyone who registers will be able to playback the audio/visual presentation, as well as download the presentation slides and audio recordings for future reference.

When you register for the ADHD & Money Management Seminar, you’ll get 4 hours of structured information and practical strategies from a prominent psychologist and ADHD expert—for less than the cost of 1 private office visit.

Register to receive:

  • Admission to the live webinar presentation (Tuesday and Wednesday March 20 & 21 from 7-9pm EST)
  • Access to the playback of the live webinar (In case you can’t make it to the live event)
  • Recordings of the presentations – yours to download and keep!
  • Presentation slides – yours to download and keep!
  • Access to the members-only website in which you can connect with your peers, ask questions, share resources, and discuss your experiences


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Join us to get the knowledge and confidence you need to get organized and finally take control of your finances!


All My Best,
Jennifer Koretsky
CEO of




P.S. Dr. Sarkis and I truly believe that you can get organized and gain the knowledge and skills you need to take control of your finances and effectively manage your money! We think this seminar is a worthy investment that will help you manage your money, your life, and your ADHD in the long run. But…

We don’t want you to make this investment if you’re not going to follow through and use what you learn. The techniques that Dr. Sarkis teaches are ADHD-friendly, and therefore easier to follow through on. So please make the commitment to learn, try new things, stick with it, and succeed before you register!


Cancellation Policy: Cancellations will be accepted through March 13, 2012. A full refund, less at 10% administrative fee, will be issued.