This video of Cameron Herold, a highly successful entrepreneur and adult with ADHD speaking at a TEDx event last year, is one of my favorites.

He talks about raising kids to follow their passions and become entrepreneurs, instead of forcing them to fit into molds that don’t fit them. I absolutely love his ideas about encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives in kids, and I’m eager to practice some of these strategies with my own kids in the future.

Watch the video here:

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  1. This is an excellent video, and I agree with him that kids need to be taught these traits. However, to advocate not medicating bipolar disorder-or even mania-is criminal, in my opinion. Lives have been ruined by these disorders and medication have helped turn them around.

    • Jennifer Koretsky Jennifer Koretsky says:

      Kim, I agree! While I very much appreciate his ideas about raising kids to be entrepreneurs, I do think his thoughts on medication are somewhat archaic.