Have you ever found yourself with really good intentions about eating healthy, only to have your ADHD challenges derail your plans? Yeah, I have, too.

My biggest derailment comes in the form of not leaving myself enough time—or enough energy—to cook dinner. It’s not uncommon for me to get hyperfocused at work and find myself making a decision to stay in the office a little longer. When I am finally ready to leave work and start dinner, I often find myself staring into the fridge and realizing that there is nothing quick and easy to prepare. On these occasions, I’ll announce with guilt, “We have to have take out tonight.”

Adults with ADHD are more likely to be overweight. There are a number of reasons for this, but time management is a big one. A lot of us don’t realize that healthy eating habits require good time management. Think about it. In order to prepare a healthy dinner:

  1. You have to make sure there’s healthy food in the house, which requires shopping in advance.
  2. You have t0 make sure that the food is defrosted in time to cook it. (Or that it’s not already spoiled. Ha ha.)
  3. You have to leave yourself enough time to cook the meal.

One way to tackle this problem is to make use of your freezer. When you have time to make a healthy meal, make a lot of it. And I mean, a lot. Double or even triple the amount that you usually make for a meal, and then freeze the leftovers either in individual or family-sized portions.When you don’t have time to cook, you can simply reheat. And precooked meals can be defrosted in the microwave and then cooked, or even just cooked in the oven or on the stove top as-is.

Chili, soups, and stews are great one-pot meals that freeze easily. Lasagna and some other pasta dishes freeze well, too. And did you know that you can also freeze cooked meats? (I wouldn’t freeze cooked meat on the bone, but a steak or a roast will freeze nicely!) Or that you can pre-cut vegetables and freeze them for easy cooking later? Some people will tell you that you need to blanch vegetables before freezing them but, trust me, you don’t. Just use them up withing a month or two.

Here are a few additional tips for making this trick work:

  1. Be sure to clearly label all your frozen food, and include the date.
  2. When you add a new container to the freezer, add it to the back and push the existing stuff forward, just like they do in the grocery store. Your frozen foods can go bad, so you don’t want anything sitting in the back of the freezer for too long.
  3. Make healthy meals that you and your family actually enjoy. A healthy meal can be anything that’s well balanced; it need not be steamed fish and vegetables in order to be healthy.
  4. Make it a priority to “feed the freezer.” This trick will only work if you invest some time and energy up front.

What tricks do you use to make healthy meals for yourself and/or your family? Please share them in the comments!

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Jennifer Koretsky About Jennifer Koretsky

Jennifer Koretsky, SCAC is the Managing Partner of the ADD Management Group, LLC and Chief Executive Officer of ADHDmanagement.com. She is a Senior Certified ADHD Coach, and the author of Odd One Out: The Maverick's Guide to Adult ADD.


  1. This is really a good trick and I needed the reminder. I used to do this all the time and should do it more than I do now. Do you ever feel like you have great success doing something but then you just forget about it one day? I don’t know how this happens to me but it seems to happen all the time. I forget what helps me until I come across a reminder and then I feel stupid for forgetting. Does anyone else go through this or is it just me?

  2. By the way I just registered for the weight management seminar. I really need it.