We’re calling on the adult ADHD community to help us compile this light-hearted list. Please contribute! You know you have adult ADHD when: You spend 15 minutes looking for your keys until you find them…in your pocket. While reading an article about how stimulant medications are “addictive,” you suddenly realize you forgot to take your […]

Before you pounce on me, let me just say that, as one of the first people to receive the Senior Certified ADHD Coach designation, I obviously do believe in the value and effectiveness of ADHD coaching. I’ve been both an ADHD coach and an ADHD coaching client, and I am a big fan of coaching. […]

I wanted to start by saying thank you to ADHDManagement.com for their commitment to our community of ADHDers. My adult life as an ADHDer has been made easier by incorporating a combination of specific apps into my personal multi-pronged ADHD management approach. My overall goal is to further the ADHD community as a whole, so I […]

People often ask us which term is correct: ADD, ADHD, or AD/HD? The official term currently used by the American Psychiatric Association is ADHD. In 1980, the DSM-III (a manual for doctors) introduced ADD (Attention-Deficit Disorder) with or without hyperactivity. In 1987, it was changed to ADHD. Then, in 1994 with the publication of the […]

As an adult with ADHD, I’ve experienced my share of challenges. I’ve struggled with focus, time management, ogranization, memory, overwhelm, and so much more, just like everyone else with ADHD. But I wouldn’t trade my ADHD for anything! Why? Because despite some difficulties, I’m also well aware of the benefits that I’ve enjoyed. While the […]