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Shame is an emotion that people with ADHD are all to familiar with. For many people with ADHD, it doesn’t take much to trigger a response of shame. Sometimes it’s the feeling that you should have started something sooner when you know you’ve procrastinated. Or the belief that others are able to get work done faster than you. Or perhaps guilt that you didn’t call someone and now feel awkward about contacting them.

Whatever the trigger, shame often leads to the kind of dysfunctional avoidance behavior that is a common problem for those with ADHD. And shame will often make what could have been a simple challenge, awkwardness or embarrassment into a real problem with much more severe consequences.Bonnie Mincu

In this edition of the podcast, Senior Certified ADHD Coach Bonnie Mincu talks to us about shame and explains:

  • Why people with ADHD may experience shame more than most
  • How shame can spiral into avoidance behavior that creates more problems
  • What to do to begin breaking the shame-avoidance spiral

Take a listen to the podcast for a preview of what Bonnie will be discussing in detail at the Virtual AD/HD Conference next month!

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