Adult ADHDWe’re calling on the adult ADHD community to help us compile this light-hearted list. Please contribute!

You know you have adult ADHD when:

  • You spend 15 minutes looking for your keys until you find them…in your pocket.
  • While reading an article about how stimulant medications are “addictive,” you suddenly realize you forgot to take your stimulant medication this morning.
  • You have a long conversation with someone and spend the entire time thinking, Why can’t I remember this guy’s name?
  • You go out for milk and come home with $50 worth of groceries…but no milk.
  • You consider it a good day when you’re only 5 minutes late to work.
  • You find yourself lying awake at night thinking about something totally random, like why Idaho is a good state to grow potatoes, until you just can’t take it anymore and get up to Google to the answer.

Now it’s your turn! Tell us, You know you have adult ADHD when ____________.


Jennifer Koretsky About Jennifer Koretsky

Jennifer Koretsky, SCAC is the Managing Partner of the ADD Management Group, LLC and Chief Executive Officer of She is a Senior Certified ADHD Coach, and the author of Odd One Out: The Maverick's Guide to Adult ADD.


  1. You start telling someone something by saying, “I can’t remember if I said this already…”

  2. You are always asking yourself why you walked in to a room.

    You can not stand to watch television commercials.

    Your wife reminds you that your anniversary is in two days and you still forget.

  3. Aimee Berck says:

    You know you have ADD when a complete stranger stops you on the way to work to let you know that your blouse is on inside out! Even worse, your husband already pointed that out to you but you FORGOT about it!

  4. Aimee Berck says:

    Also when you get the stupid math problem wrong when you’re trying to post a comment!

  5. … you saw this question on Twitter and dropped everything to answer it.

  6. ..when you go in your room at 8pm to get your glasses to start your (already late) final paper and notice your dog sleeping on the floor and think about how she looks passed out under the influence.
    Then you think about how if you put your Rastafarian hat on her, she would look like a stoner. So you put it on her and realize your camera is broken so you need to use your webcam. But it is slow, so you research how to fix it and realize you have video feature on it!
    Fifty minutes later you have a video of your dog with a rasta hat on, crooked sunglasses, and afromans “because I got high” playing the background. Then at 10 pm you post it on facebook and your friends and their dogs make reply videos about their concern of my dog’s “problem”
    It is 11 pm and you not only forgot to find your glasses, but your meds are long worn off and not one sentence written on your paper.

    • If I had a dollar for every time I did this! I laughed so hard, this is my life!

    • This one takes the prize!

    • When you click the link to follow on Twitter, sign in and forget to click the “follow” button because you got sidetracked by the ‘who to follow’ feed, finally click follow, get back here to comment and see the trail of tabs left open when you went off from the Facebook feed, from the personality quiz link you took (twice), that took you from the organizing your documents folders, that took you from checking your homework assignments, that took you from your plan to save your papers to your jumpdrive, that you forgot to pack for the train ride to the family funeral, where you left important items, where you suddenly remember you forgot to check in with family to say you’ve arrived back safely… Yesterday!

  7. You know you have adult ADHD when you find a kindred spirit to converse with. After a month or two, realize they have ADHD too!

  8. You try to move clothes from washer into dryer, only to realize that you (again) washed an empty machine. Then you try to post about it, and forget to finish the CAPTCHA so you get kicked out and have to start all over again!!! And that’s all on a good day!

  9. You know you have ADD when you start your timer to tackle the garage. You start 6 different projects and when the times goes off, you can actually hear it when you are talking to your neighbor!!! and go back to your garage, and it looks like a cyclone hit it and worse then when you started.

  10. You have so many ideas that you don’t know what do next.

  11. thoughtwhirl says:

    when you forget you have adhd. repeatedly. randomly.

  12. James Javorsky, Ph.D. says:

    You know when you have ADHD when it takes you five trips from the house to the car to go to work (ohhh wait i forgot).. You know when you have ADHD when driving to work, you have to circle back home because you forgot something important after those five previous trips in the house to the car and back.

  13. James Javorsky, Ph.D. says:

    You know when you have ADHD when your spouse is tired of being your mother.

  14. 1) When you are the only one laughing at something that you know no one else around you thinks is funny! Then, when you try and explain what was funny about it, you are met with blank, slightly concerned expressions!

    2) When you realise half way through your solo, two hour drive that you also have your wife’s keys in your pocket… Then you notice that you left your phone at home and can’t call her to tell her!

    3) When the sudden thump you hear when driving off from the supermarket is the sound of your shopping collapsing onto the floor as you drive off…AGAIN!

    4) When you get so sad that you can’t stop yourself from laughing at how hard it can sometimes be to live with ADD!

  15. 5) When you notice that your boss was standing behind you the whole time you were making your comment and you know that they don’t think it’s funny! And, all you can say is “My last 20 supervisors didn’t mind”! Or, did they!!

  16. You know you have adult ADHD when you can’t tell anyone how any of your favourite movies start …

  17. You think of something you need upstairs. 10 seconds, upstairs, you can’t remember what it was. No worries, you think of something you need downstairs. 10 seconds, downstairs, you can’t remember what is was. BUT wait! You remember what it was you needed upstairs. 10 seconds, upstairs…

  18. Jaime Stout says:

    When you can’t get anyone’s birthday right, even your own children, and sadly you had them….

  19. When you are on stage receiving an award -that you knew you would be receiving- and looking down and realizing that you have two different shoes on.

  20. Your boss commends you for all the great & creative ideas you came up with in the brainstorming session. Your boss also thanks you for agreeing to take on the breakthrough project, to which you nod with a smile wondering what the heck he’s talking about.

  21. Frances says:

    When you spend 15 minutes writing a do list, post it on your cubical wall next to you…then 10 minutes later you spend 15 minutes looking for your list on your desk.

  22. You know you have ADD when you repeatedly lock your keys in your car or leave your car running with the radio and air conditioning on for a long period of time.

    • When you have to buy a AAA membership because you left your lights on AGAIN, the battery is dead, and no one else is available to help

  23. When you decide to to try the notecard organization system, but spend so much time decoupaging the card file box you never quite get to the cards.

  24. WordSorter says:

    Your 15-year-old son tells you he reminded you — YET AGAIN — that basketball practice tomorrow is at 10 a.m., not 5 p.m. . . . and tells you again.

  25. WordSorter says:

    When your spouse gives you “the look” at a party because you chimed in on a conversational topic that everyone else had finished with 20 minutes ago.

  26. You cannot focus on sex with your husband because the dog’s snoring is distracting you ( and yes she is outside the room).

  27. When the biggest clutter pile in your house consists of books on how to get rid of clutter.

  28. When you get off of the train and realize your wallet isn’t in your pocket…because you left it in your seat and forgot about it.

    When going to work/the gym includes a round of ‘what one item did i forget today?’.

    When you realize you left your jacket at the airport….500 miles away.

    When you go to chipotle on a weekly basis and upon reaching the front of the line you still can’t decide what to order.

  29. when you stop cooking to answer the phone in the other room and you forget that you were cooking, even that you haven’t already eaten and burn/ruin the tea.

    skipping from conversation to conversation and changing subject without realising

    not being able to look at the car infront of you for 5 minutes without the urgent desire to overtake the b*****d

    not realising that you have completely stopped listening to what someone is saying and its only their quizzicle, confused look that tells you that you’re expected to do/say something

  30. When you go to post a comment on this blog and you see a box with a “+ nine = 13” after it, so you type in “+ nine = 13” two or three times, and only as your wondering what this silly string of numbers is for… do you finally say it out loud “WHAT plus nine must equal 13 for crying out loud!” and then the bell goes off, of course that little box is looking for a “Four” and I am reminded that “yup, I so have ADHD!”

  31. You know you have ADHD when you’ can read a book, and, while you’re reading, be day dreaming of something else. At the end of the paragraph or phrase, you go back and read it over because you have no idea what you read the first time!

  32. Jacquelyn says:

    When you decide to get “organized” and think it would be good to buy all the birthday cards for the month, or year, but ONLY buy belated birthday cards, because you know you’ll forget to send them anyway…

    Where are those darn cards I bought anyway……

  33. Jacquelyn says:

    Oh, I forgot…

    When people tell you that you live by your own clock ( I Ike to call it Jacquelyn time)

    And when your most common thing to say to someone is, “I’m so sorry, what did you just say? I heard you, but I wasn’t listening.”

  34. You’ve forgotten what you were talking about but have faith in yourself that, if you keep talking long enough, you’ll come back around to it.

  35. You log online via your smartphone, to look up the availability of an ADHD book at the library, not remembering the author’s name, you google it… 25 minutes later, your adding a comment to this post…

  36. When you’re so proud of yourself that you finally got around to cleaning your apartment and not only do you not remember where you put important stuff, but you open a closet or drawer and crap falls out all over you (but the surface of the house NOT behind doors is clean, at least)!

  37. You know you have ADD when you get out of the shower and realize you only shaved one leg.
    Or when you rush to get dinner on the table…tell your son to hurry up because his religious education class starts in 5 minutes….you rush out the door saying to yourself “late again” only to get there and realize that you forgot the class was cancelled

    getht Tb, there and realize you forgot that the class was cancelled

  38. Or when you can’t get to the bottom of the comment you’re posting and youre not sure if you wrote the last sentence so you write it again just invade….and see that you did write it already along with few jumbled up letters…

  39. Or when you can’t get to the bottom of the comment you’re posting and youre not sure if you wrote the last sentence so you write it again just in case….and see that you did write it already along with few jumbled up letters…

  40. When a simple math problem can make you forget what you were going to respond… then makes you realize that you never should have been here in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  41. You have two programs open for work and three browser tabs open: one for email, one for facebook, and one for ADHD management… oops!

  42. You will drive miles out of your way to avoid stop and go traffic and keep moving.

  43. You can’t count change, no matter how hard u try. … you start out great, and half way thru the counting you forget where u are, and start all over…. get almost halfway, and forget again. : /

  44. You know you have ADHD when you search the Apple App store for “Task Management” apps, and realize you have eight of the top ten apps already installed on your iPad.
    Or when your 6-year-old daughter asks if you can help her make a tent in the living room with a blanket, so you quit vacuuming to help her, and then you get a really good idea to use two different colored blankets, and then you go upstairs to get those other chairs, and pretty soon it is three hours later, and your daughter has a huge, elaborate tent made with many blankets and duct tape, with two separate rooms inside, and in one of the rooms there is a place for her snacks and juice, and the door into the tent is a cool tunnel that you made by taking both ends off the dog kennel, ….. and then you realize your daughter is playing with something else and doesn’t really care about playing in a tent anymore, and now it’s time to make supper and the vacuum cleaner is still sitting in the hallway, plugged in, waiting for you to finish cleaning.

  45. You know you have Adult ADHD when you wake in the morning with a panic – have got to be at grandson’s LAST football game in 1 1/2 hrs; race around, really angry with yourself, all the time apologizing to your husband and your dog, in tears until sweetheart husband clears everything up: game is on Saturday and today is Friday…HONEST!
    You finally arrive at the school where your daughter teaches kindergarten for your weekly volunteer day, absolutely thrilled you are even a little early today, after hour drive on the freeway, and the parking lot is empty…text the daughter…it’s a holiday, remember & you’re supposed to go to lunch with your daughter!

  46. You know you have adult ADD when you cant rember where you put your Kindle Fire find it lose it again and an hour later find it on the frount porch. Leave your hermit crab out side he runs away from home 6 weaks later he reapers in your basment ALIVE note thiS REALLY DID HAPEN!!!!! Distract your 9 year old ADD son 24-7

  47. You know you have it when you wake your husband up at 6am in a panic b/c your car won’t start and you are late-You get out the jumper cables, put them in your car and take your second car to work…only to get a phone call by the hubby who is laughing hysterically and tells you that you didn’t put the car in P when your parked the car the night before. smh. LOL

  48. Jennythereader says:

    You know you have ADHD…

    When you can’t remember to call your doctor to have your Adderall prescription renewed, even though it’s been on the calendar for a month.

  49. ……You can’t keep a house plant alive, not even a cactus!

  50. You know you have ADHD when:
    1) you can see the person’s lips moving and you are thinking to yourself “I know they are talking, but I have no idea what they are saying to me” because you completely zoned out of the conversation.
    2) you have a reminder note pad on your door but can never remember to write notes on it.
    3) you have to wash the same load of laundry 3 or 4 times because you cant remember to transfer it to the dryer.
    4) your neighbors dont even bother to look anymore at you jumping your fence because you once again locked yourself out of the house
    5) You make a very important phone call. Only to forget who you were calling and why. So hang up. Then remeber, call back, get a busy signal/voicemail, so you hang up mad. You decide to do something else, and end up completely forgetting about the important phone call. I have done this both at work and at home.

    • —>> #3 Yes!!! LOL!

    • SillyGerl says:

      LMAO cuz it’s so true!!

    • I got distracted by a text message right as I was about to post this. That in turn took me into a scavenger hunt for how to sign into my satellite provider’s website to access my account in order to pay a past due balance that I thought I paid already. I could not remember my account login information or the email address I used for the account. I ended up calling to pay my balance once I realized that I could not sign into to pay it online and that the reason it wasn’t paid in the first place is that I lost my check card and was using a new one, but the satellite provider still had my previous check card information. Yes. That is how my life works.

      What I wanted to post originally, was: my husband always picks on me about my attention span by using the “look squirrel!” example. It was cute and funny, but I thought an exaggeration until one day I noticed that I literally was stopping midway between an important conversation to stare at a cute squirrel up to antics. I was walking with my husband discussing something important and literally stopped walking and talking to watch this squirrel. I have noticed several times since that I do this.

      I laughed out loud at so many of these. Some of my own:

      1. Being distracted from ANYTHING by squirrels and other cute, random creatures is part of everyday life.
      2. Walk into a room only to immediately wonder why I walked in there.
      3. Dial to call someone and am surprised when someone answers and wonder for a split second who this person is because I thought of 3 other things while the phone was ringing.
      4. Talk to someone face to face and realize that I’m no longer listening, feel awful because the person is awesome and not being uninteresting, but something they said reminded me of something else that got me thinking and then that thought reminded me that I really need to do X before I forget!
      5. Read the same paragraph over and over without taking it in because I have thought of oh so many other things during that time that were unrelated to that paragraph. Get really annoyed with myself and force myself to understand the words I am reading. So difficult to focus until I’m sucked in and then I can’t stop reading, forget to eat, bathe, exist.
      6. Sometimes have to think hard to remember the car ride to work and which route I took.
      7. Can tell you if asked the birth dates of all my friends and family, but when that day actually arrives, do not clue into the current date and the fact that it is special.
      8. Can memorize uncanny amounts of information for a test (back in college, etc.), but my husband or sister can tell me something and allude to it hours or minutes later only for me to stare at them blankly because I forgot. But, like another post on here, I will remember every detail of it 3 days later in the shower when I finally focus on it.
      9. Like #8, my husband thinks I forget everything, but I never really forget anything, I’m just not thinking about it at times when he asks me and it’s hard to focus on something when asked by someone else to focus on it. I think that might be the issue.
      10. Sitting at a desk all day drives me mad and I will get no work done and read posts like this instead. But, I’m incredibly focused and productive if doing manual labor or working a puzzle/problem of any sort…once I get started, that is;)

  51. Your boyfriend cannot watch the presidential debate without pausing it at least 20 times, because he can’t hear it over your loud swearing at the tv. You are also explaining why every fact is a lie, when you actually don’t have a clue because you haven’t really been following the election, and already know who you’re voting for anyway.

  52. You know you have adult ADHD when you make your famous chinese chicken salad with all those great ingredients like toasted almonds, green onions, mandarin oranges, etc….. and oh ya, you forgot the chicken!

    when you notice a fowl odor in your car but don’t really investigate it right away because you just keep thinking it will go away until a week and a half later, the smell becomes unbearable and you finally figure out that you had forgotten to take out that last bag of groceries from your car and into your refrigerator. The one that contained a carton of milk and some yogurt!!

  53. You’ve spent the last hour reading the responses to this article instead of getting work done…sigh.

  54. … when reading this post and all its comments has you crying and laughing- alternately and at the same time- but your non-AD/HD husband doesn’t get what you’re laughing at when you read one or two of them aloud.

    • omg yes, but with my mum! I’m cryign and laughing so badly… but just because it makes me feel good, I’ve been diagnosed recently and it’s freeing seeing so many people goes through the same I get crap all the time for all these things you guys are posting.

  55. When you went online to look up “who’s that actor and where have I seen him before?” on imdb, but instead worked on your finances, did a little facebooking, started thinking about the new smartphone app you downloaded, then googled “apps for adults with add,” found this website, and just remembered to search for that actor on imdb 2 hours later!

  56. Also, my public library has this awesome email reminder that my book is due in 3 days…then hurricane sandy hit, and they extended the due date a week…then sent me another reminder that it was due in 3 days…that was a week ago. i still haven’t returned the book.

  57. I was just diagnosed today….after years of being told by family that I was just lazy…I can relate to almost every post here…..It felt good to to know I’m not crazy and there are others like me out there…thank you for sharing!

  58. it is 8 am in the moring, you can’t find you house/car/work keys, You are already late and you just realized that you left your keys in the door last night when you were unloading your groceries from the car.
    thanks god we have a dog..
    And you never told you husband…..

  59. When you have limited time to complete multiple tasks and instead of doing them, you spend that time making and revising a “To Do” list of them. As the deadline approaches, you keep anxiously checking the clock and grumbling because you still can’t decide which colored marker helps you to “best organize” all the information. At the last possible minute you either chuck the entire thing and scramble around, halfway doing everything or you realize it’s too late and you’re all tuckered out you curse your list-making tendency along with whichever color you settled on…assuming you made it that far.

  60. You have to return to the house from your car five times just to get everthing you need to take with you, only to get where you are going and not have everything you needed to bring.

  61. You lose the prescription for your medicine that helps you not lose the prescription for your medicine.

  62. You go up to the car rental counter at the airport to rent a car and realize that your driver’s license is expired or you accidently left your driver’s license at home….I’ve done both :-(

  63. random people says:

    On university exams, the sat goat possibly the mcat, the multiple choice seems there are 3 all right answers out of 8 possible answers…. then you lose insight and fall into the negative hyperfocus …. Omg I forgot all the thing I know, dot dot dot…… Surge Of PANIC sets in… hyperventilating
    At At the Mc test, which one is right again? thinks about Mr beans taking the test.

    Search on YouTube Mr beans test taking.
    Lol great forum

  64. random people says:

    Your mensa teacher say let’s take a break with a wore out I need a coffee expression….

  65. you come up with ideas that have raised $3 billion for charities, and 24 yrs later charities that hear your concepts tell you that they are “innovative” ideas, and still do not adopt them!!!! :o)

  66. Christine says:

    1) You lose your car keys BEFORE you get out of the car;
    2) Your ADHD son tells you that what you just said wasn’t relevant to the discussion you were having with him;
    3) You ask your ADHD specialist, after he has explained your diagnosis to you, if all the odd pictures and knick-knacks in his office are some kind of test to see if people get distracted.

  67. 1. You don’t pay bills on time.
    2. You stop unloading the dishwasher to write Christmas cards.
    3. You make a to-do list and lose it.
    4. You stop listening mid-conversation, you see lips move but hear nothing.
    5. You obsessively worry.
    6. Your brain hears one thing and ping-pongs information, so that you blurt out something seemingly unrelated in conversation.
    7. You are always rushed at last minute.

    • WOW!! Were you following me around today? Every one on your list…..well, except #2. I stopped unloading to look for the Christmas cards I bought on clearance because I had just realized I put them in a “special spot’ and couldn’t remember where it is.

    • Yep!!

  68. When you walk out of a store with the stuff you bought, but just forgot to pay… then ending up appologising and running back to pay. (I happily live in a country with not too many security systems, and quite understanding people)

    • Or you walk out of the store after having paid and the poor store clerk has to run out after you carrying the bag of groceries that you just paid for and then left in the store.

  69. You actually left your car the whole night outsite, with the key in the contact – don’t know how to explain to the police my car was “stolen” (or did I kind of give it away for free???)

  70. … It’s the fifth time your spouse says ‘okay, next stop is the bank..’ and is looking at you really annoyed since it should have been your first stop on the list of places to go today..
    then you see them watch it go by as you pass it .. AGAIN!

  71. …when you are trying really hard to learn about adult ADHD but the articles are so long you can’t stand to read them.

    …when the word or picture of a SQUIRREL makes you bust up laughing

    …when you can’t organize your thoughts well enough to come up with a snappy ADHD segment of humor!!

    • My fiancee and I are both in our 40’s, both adult adhd. We are having a very small, outdoor wedding in a public place by the shore. It is my hope that I can find a squirrel costume and have my friend, with it on, just casually stroll by in sight of my fiancee during the ceremony….

  72. You have a running tab at the library.

    You have ten tabs open in your Internet browser and an hour later you remember why you originally got online…

  73. Jessica says:

    You drive away from the gas station more than once per week with your gas cap off.

    Your husband is so used to seeing you drive away with your gas cap off that when he drives past you on the road on his way to work he laughs at you and your car, doesn’t tell you why, and only tells you to have a good day.

    You never get to tell the end to any of your stories because you either never get around to telling it or you forget what you are talking about mid story and start talking about something else.

    You are on your third cell phone this year because the first two were stolen out of your wide open car.

    You go to the office to do paperwork and attend a meeting but you end up posting on this blog post instead which inevitably makes you late to the meeting.

  74. OOOOOOOO…..SHINEY!!!!!

  75. …You drive away from the DD drive thru window without your coffee because you were tweeting. Darn cell phones and their distracting ways! (For the record, I was having a really chaotic day)

  76. You know you got add when you plan of taking over the world ” Muahaha, this time im kicking ass”…. 5 mins later… “Shit what was i doing again?”

  77. You know you have ADHD when:
    You find yourself really pumped to read something educational just for fun, and notice 1 hour has passed by since you started reading funny stuff about adult ADHD, and other people doing similar things.

    You’ve become a pro and imagining what people said while you were daydreaming and keep the conversation running fluidly as if you were paying attention the whole time.

    You’ve fallen in love with this blog!! Recently diagnosed with ADHD at 25 yrs, makes sense out of a lot of things

  78. My people! 😀

  79. when your whole day gets ruined even though you are “free”, but have an appointment or a task that you must do later that day.

    • Wow. This one is not only funny, its my life, and very frustrating.

    • Beccaf03 says:

      OK, I’ve been reading this (instead of doing what I’m supposed to be doing, of course) and every post I read makes me feel so much better! This is the comment I read when I thought, “Gee, maybe that Doctor wasn’t an idiot!” I never imagined these things happening in anyone else’s lives. I genuinely thought it was just my own personal kind of quirkiness (read ‘crazy’)! Thanks to everyone! Seriously a life changing moment!

  80. You are running around the house freaking out because you are late and can’t find your cell phone
    while you are talking to your husband on that cell phone but don’t want to tell him you lost your phone

    When you spend 20 minutes typing and retyping a text only to never hit the “send” button

  81. Kyle Montanaro says:

    …when you do your pilot’s licence on 3 different aircraft BEFORE even thinking about driving lessons.

  82. ……this blog post and all the comments make you realize whats been wrong with your life up until now.

    • Jennifer Koretsky Jennifer Koretsky says:

      Jasmyn, if you’re just starting out in the world of ADHD and have just been diagnosed (or have not yet been diagnosed), then you might want to pick up “Delivered From Distraction” by Dr. Ned Hallowell It’s a wonderful resource and a great place to start!

      • Thank you. I have NOT officially been diagnosed. My psychiatrist tried to tell me I was depressed and I agree with him but he thinks I have signs of ADHD because of my depression. As where I’m pretty positive that I am depressed because I’ve had ADHD my whole life and always felt different then everyone else. Now I know why. I was pretty adamant with him about it and he agreed to “try” some medication and now I think he was realizing I was right. I started reading “Odd One Out: The Maverick’s Guide to Adult ADD” by Jennifer Koretsky. Of course I have not finished it but I’m getting there. I will check out the book you suggested as well. Thanks again.

        • I know I am very late on this and this forum is probably closed off or something, but even if no one answers I feel I just want to get it out. My doc gave me meds for depression too, which to me really surprised me because I never asked for them. I know I have ADD and I have had it ever since I was a child. My mom refused to have me tested because back then… “back then” I say.. which wasn’t too long ago, she was afraid that Ridilin (however you spell it) was the drug of choice and she didn’t want to have me on that, she also didn’t want anything to be “wrong” with me. So I have been undiagnosed, untreated, and uneducated. I have been written up at work more times than I can count (I’m at work right now on this site) I have had ugly break ups and lost friends, I tend to speak out of turn…I wont just sit still and cuddle and watch a movie with my husband.. but he has been the only one who seems to just let me roam free as we call it. I tried to be very structured with my son to help him but I just don’t have the structure in me, it’s not there. His homework bores the crap out of me, I don’t notice if he lacks impulse control (He’s 5) so temper tantrums didn’t bother me like they did my husband. I really want to get help for this but I don’t know where to start. I guess first would be to switch doctors, Im not depressed! HELP !!

      • I mean by you! hahaha Just noticed your name :0)

  83. …you’ve lived in a city the better part of your life and still have trouble with directions, names of places etc…

    …you believe movies or series with way too many characters and sub-plots to remember at once are the true work of the devil

    …you stop the car mid-journey to try and remember whether you turned off the iron or not

    ….the first and last 5 minutes of a meeting/interview are the most memorable

    …you need to hear the instructions twice over

    …you’ll miss a good portion of the movie/series trying to figure out where else you saw a certain actor/actress

    …you believe the CNBC news ticker at the bottom of the screen is the work of the devil

    …you think twice about telling a story/joke because 10 times out of 10, you’ll go off on a tangent mid-way

  84. MKL in IL says:

    When you relate with 99.5% of all the responses to this post and although you want to respond to many specifically realize it would take you the rest of the free time you have before you have to get ready to go to work at the part-time weekend job you have, also for reasons related to you ADHD… (’nuff said!) :)

  85. When you call in sick to work because you cant find your shoes

    • When you call in sick because you live out of your laundry basket and today nothing in there ‘felt right’ on your skin and you got disoriented and distressed.

  86. When it took you 3 hours to get a good family picture and you got it because a squirrel ran out behind the photographer ( true story)

  87. 1) You have to stop reading these comments halfway so you could write down your ADD story before you forget it
    2) Now you can’t remember what it is that you wanted to write because someone just walked in the room
    3) After fifteen minutes of distracting yourself – and hoping something would trigger the memory – you remember part of the story but can’t quite recall how the rest of it ends…but you KNOW one of these days it’ll come back to you, just when you’re trying to fall asleep! smh 😉

  88. You thought of something else you wanted to say but as soon as you went back to this page, it left (grrrr!)

    You screen the articles you intend to read by their length and how ‘dense’ with words it looks on the page – yes, even if they are good, even if they are necessary for work/school/ADHD education, and videos to those that are less than 7 minutes long, preferably 3

  89. you tell your husband, “Yes, I’m coming to bed in 5 minutes,” but it’s never 5 minutes, it’s always 3 hours. And you know you did nothing useful at all in that time and swear tomorrow you’ll start going to bed at 10.

    Great stuff here Jennifer, thanks for making my day!

  90. DONNA J LAVINE says:

    You laugh so hard at the responses here because they are right on the money that you start thinking you may really not have ADD or you wouldn’t be laughing so hard about yourself! (Yes little Mary, there really is a Santa Claus, seriously true! )

  91. You report your Cable is out when it’s really your Electricity

    As a child, you realize 1/2way through the day that you put your school clothes on over your pajamas and your PJs have been sticking out of your sleeves and pants all day.

    You do a Scavenger hunt (almost successfully!) in the wrong State.

    You return to work after making your lunch at home and your co-worker points out that you’ve managed to get yellow mustard on the inside of your cardigan sweater and its transferred to embarrassing spots on your chest and on every piece of clothes you’re wearing – down to your shoes.

  92. When you hear a comment on the radio about balancing your checkbook and you think “why would I waste time doing that?”

    • Jennifer Koretsky Jennifer Koretsky says:

      David, I usually smile to myself when the comments come on from this post. But I truly laughed out loud when I read yours. I guess I can relate a little too much! :)

  93. 1- when you hear a comment on the radio about balancing your checkbook and you immediately think ‘why would I waste time doing that?”
    2- when you can’t figure out how to post the comment, and are not sure where to look to see if it got posted the first time you thought you did, so you post it again…

  94. You “live” out of a laundry basket.
    You and your family spend 15 minutes helping YOU to look for your sunglasses and they are on top of your head.
    You have to replay your voice mail 4 or more times in order to write down the phone number.
    Your state inspection sticker is a year overdue.

    • You know you have adult ADHD when you have to read another “You know you have adult ADHD” post to bother to check your own inspection sticker and realize that yours is overdue as well! Thanks for the reminder, Ellis!

  95. …when your 6-year-old child tells you that you need to move to Germany to avoid getting yet another speeding ticket!

  96. You print everything in doubles because you can’t remember if you hit “print” or not.

  97. You are asked to please finish at least one of the sentences you started.

  98. The rulers of your state are dirty dishes, the vacuum cleaner, and laundry. You’re all ready to stage a coup and oust these oppressors, REVOLUTION STYLE, when you realize you need something clean to wear to work. You buy a new outfit instead of doing laundry and just add to the power of the oppressors. They’re so darn crafty!

  99. When your coworker comes up to ask you if you completed the task you promised her last night that you would complete and you can’t even remember having a conversation with her, let alone what it was you promised to do. But……three weeks later you can remember every single word of the conversation (when you are trying to get to sleep and it no longer matters!).

  100. Whilst you’re on your lunch break at work, you Google ‘how do you tell someone you have ADHD?’ And this blog comes up. And you spend so long reading and laughing hysterically in agreement, that you’ve taken too much time for lunch and now don’t have enough time to actually finish your work for today.
    Also, being a passenger in a car your boyfriend is driving, and having no idea that we’re not taking the usual route, because I’ve not been paying attention to where we’re going! Turns out the trip that was supposed to take 20 ninutes had taken more than 45, just to see whether I’d notice!
    Answer; No. No I did not notice!

    • My Type A style ADHD would have gone into OCD. Since I ALWAYS use the same directional/route/routines, as soon as he deviated from the norm, I would’ve had to dig my fingers into the seat and literally bite my lips to keep from side-seat driving (which I do so much of that he deviates on purpose just to spin me out).

  101. *Oh, and this might just be me, but I’ll be walking along (to or from work, or to the shops or wherever) and I’ll start thinking of a conversation; a recent one, or how I wish a conversation WOULD have gone, and I’ll become so engrossed in the conversation that’s going on in my head that I’ll actually be making the facial expressions that would go with that conversation!

    *My house is so cluttered and untidy I made my friend wait outside whilst I nipped in to use the loo.

    *I often interrupt myself. “..and Julie at work said that no she’d never eaten camel and hoped she ne- this coffee is too strong. Don’t make it the way I showed you. I was wrong.”

  102. You just got diagnosed with ADHD. The doctor tells you that you can pay your deductible at the front desk on the way out. You get up to leave and you walk straight past the front desk on the way out the door and the doc catches you and reminds you to pay.

  103. I mean wowwww….
    I felt the same a million times: ‘While reading an article about how stimulant medications are “addictive,” you suddenly realize you forgot to take your stimulant medication this morning.’
    I felt this a zillion times: ‘You go out for milk and come home with $50 worth of groceries…but no milk.
    You consider it a good day when you’re only 5 minutes late to work.’
    and this as well: ‘You find yourself lying awake at night thinking about something totally random, like why Idaho is a good state to grow potatoes, until you just can’t take it anymore and get up to Google to the answer.’

    – when you come to work on a weekend to work on something with a deadline, and you find yourself writing a comment, after just an email you received in your gmail, clicked on the link, and still reading after 4 hours!!!

  104. ….you start a new job working in a cubicle and every little thing distracts you from your work and you see a lot of squirrels in the office. I had this for 3 months and then was diagnosed with ADD at the age of 49 in October. I am out of the cubicle and found a job that fits me and my ADD and I am more focused and creative than I had ever been previously in similar jobs.

  105. You Know You Have Adult ADHD When…

    You know you have to make a list of things that have to done, then forget to bring the list.

    • Yes you forgot to bring the list, but your Hyper-focus brain and nearly photographic memory manages to remember EVERY SINGLE ITEM on the list anyway.


      You DID remember the list BUT fail to glance at it even once and manage to miss every single item on it and instead you’ve opted to buy EVERYTHING ELSE in the store.

  106. When you skip to 3 different topics in the same sentence

  107. You know you’ve got ADD when…

    1) First thing in the morning you decide to tidy the bookshelf while the coffee’s brewing. 5 hrs later you’re sat on the floor surrounded by books because you found lots of interesting things to look up. It’s lunchtime, you haven’t had breakfast or coffee, and you’re still in your pyjamas!

    2) You look at your emails before getting ready to go out and find that a friend sent a link to this site. 3 hours later you’ve read several articles, read all the comments to this one, and decided that you just HAD to post a comment. (This just happened to me, lol!)

    • I can completely relate – I will start to clean the house and take something in a room it belongs in only to start cleaning it. Next thing I know the house is messier than it was before you started. Family members try to help, but can’t understand why I refuse to have the help, until you finally give in and they help and can only work with you for at the most 30 minutes – at which time they are so frazzled that they have to leave. Even worse when you have another ADHD person with you in a group you totally confuse and cause anxiety for all the group members because the two of you can have a complete conversation without either one of you finishing a sentence, but you both know what the other one means.

    • Laughing so hard! Totally me, on the floor surrounded by the evidence of abundantly interesting rabbit holes. Plus I can’t allow myself to say “I’ll just check my email real quick” before I have to be somewhere, because either I am excessively late (beyond my standard ten minute lateness) or I’m still on the interwebs 3 hours later.

  108. -you lose your phone 3 times in under an hour. In front of company.
    – you make an appointment with your child’s super-strict teacher, put it in your phone with two reminders, and still manage to remember it 24 hours later.
    – the math stopped making sense when they put letters in it.

  109. “when”:
    1) …you go into the restroom to get ready for bed, hyper-focus on a random engineering idea (though you are not an engineer)… and when you snap out of it, you can’t remember why you what you needed to do in the restroom [ie: brush teeth] and find that you just peed in the sink! (this post is anonymous, right? -haha)

    2) …you get interrogated by security (being accused of potential kidnapping) while traveling internationally because you for your kid’s birthday, you accidentally mix up their middle name with their sibling’s (who is not traveling then), and can’t remember the address or phone number of place you are visiting (your parents; ie: the grandparents)… and it never occurs to you to tell them that you’ve never been to your parent’s new house or that you have ADHD & short-term memory loss.

    3) …you’re offered the disabilities discount for a bus from the airport because you miss 3 buses in a row. Then, when the next buss pull up, they have you board before the line of people in front of you so that they can have you sit by the driver!

  110. You know you have ADHD when you are trying to explain a project or do a training – it makes sense to you, but everyone is just looking at you like, “Is it just me, or is this lady the most random person you have ever seen?”

    You start a story – think of another story, start to tell that story, and on and on and on – never finishing a single thought or sentence.

    You start out doing work from home (because there wasn’t enough hours in the day to finish at work) and you tell your kids good night; yet, in the morning when they get up, you are in the exact same spot you were when they went to bed eight hours earlier. Your kids, say, geez mom you’re a vampire,.” Your only line of defense is, “No I’m not, at least vampires can sleep all day.” Then later your daughter calls you at work asking why you 25 tabs open. Simple answer, because what I searched for brought up something else interesting and it snowballed from there. If you’re wondering, no, nothing was accomplished.

    When you have any jewelry on that fits just right and you feel claustrophobic.

    When you are in an executive meeting, and the over-educated idiot son of the owner of the company looks at you like you are a complete idiot because of all the random thoughts that come flowing out. Thus, causing him to start not including you in meetings or company day-to-day operations.

    When society views you as not being credible, knowledgeable or as someone who is making excuses when you try to explain why you behave the way you do because of ADHD – especially your daughter’s resource teacher who says, “Everyone has ADHD these days, and dismisses you like he is the be-all expert on the subject.

    When you every night around 5:00 you start getting anxiety about going to bed because you know you will not be able to sleep – only way to stop that anxiety is to just stay up and work, thus, giving you the title of “The most hard-working person who never completes or accomplishes anything.”

    When you stay up all night on Christmas Eve to wrap presents only to have all the presents ripped open 15 minutes after you finish the last package.

    I could go on, but I’m supposed to be developing a sales presentation. Yes I came across this site while doing so; no, the presentation has nothing to do with ADHD – just about funding funerals….

  111. Oh forgot a couple others that really bother me –

    You go to tell someone a story and they tell you you have already told the story to them 25 times

    You find your self staring into space more than anything else you do

    When you decide to get organized and stop putting sticky notes every where, so you buy a pack of composition notebooks, and pretty soon you are using the entire package and have no idea where you notes have gone.

    You take a message or write down something important and the next phone call you get, you doodle all over your note and can’t read it anymore.

    When your boss opens the conference room door, snatches your pen out of your hand and throws it out the door because you appear to not be listening because you are doodling.

    When someone hurts you, and you get sad or angry, but a day later you can’t remember why you are upset with the person in the first place.

    When your hyper Jack Russell dog understands you more than anyone.

  112. – When you are desperately searching the internet for some way to organize your day because you can’t focus, have so many things to do and need to do all of them at once… and you come across this blog… then read the article and every single comment and… now posting my own comment.

  113. You stop at the store on the way to your ADHD appointment (you’ve managed not to be late), then lock your keys in the car. You call AAA to unlock your car and they tell you your renewal is 3 months overdue. You can’t renew because your purse is in the car with your keys, but PTL, you remember you have your bank info on your phone. Then, you call your ADHD doctor to tell him the medicine might not be working,

  114. When you order at a fastfood joint then suddenly realized you don’t have money!

    Yes it happened. O_O

  115. -When you try on two different shoes to see how they look, and 3 hours later (at work) realize you still have two different shoes on!

    -Remember someone’s birthday every day for a month, remind yourself it’s coming, set reminders to call them…and then forget until 11:30pm in bed.

    -Have to resist the urge to murder someone for smacking their gum in your general vicinity.

    -Need earplugs in order to sit through a test, but be oblivious to screaming etc. when hyper-focused

  116. When you switch on your laptop to do a 5 minute job, spend 5 hours doing random things and you still don’t get your job done.

  117. NeilSm says:

    I’m looking out the back yard and there is a squirrel running around the trees … no, seriously … now, where did I leave my check book?

  118. You Know You Have Adult ADHD When… you try to figure out the difference between ADD / ADHD and decide you really have ADD, however; you call it ADHD because your first name starts with an “H” (Hilton) and the ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hilton Disorder. Then you discover you just spent ten minutes of your time management writing this! Praise the Lord.
    4 May He give you the desires of your heart
    and make all your plans succeed.
    Psalm 20:4

  119. When you are watching a documentary about ADHD but you have paused it three times already to look stuff up online, play with the kitten, get something to eat, and find this website, look at several articles, read and post on this section, and the film is only 45 minutes in.

  120. Heather says:

    You know u have ADHD When you use the bathroom, flush, wash your hands and leave only to return to look into the bowl because you can’t remember flushing…

  121. You know you have ADHD when you ask “How’s X doing?” , only to hear “Well, fine I suppose. S/he’s been dead for 3 years!”. And then re-live the mourning phase all over again. (Oh dear! Has happened more than once)

    The best ideas you’ll ever have strike you at 3 in the morning, the exact moment you turn off everything and go to bed. Then, you just have to get up and write everything down (which I almost always end up NOT doing. And then you’re just too excited to go to bed again. (Bye bye sleep!)

    You remember stories and events differently than others because your brain auto-filled in the details since you weren’t paying attention -or you weren’t even there, but somebody else told you about it. You can already imagine the look on my friends’ faces when they say “Weeell.. that’s not exactly how it happened :/ ”

    You’re “The little Engine that Could”. Only, you can’t. Ever.

  122. You know you have ADD when . . .
    – Your 4 year old daughter tells you that you need to start making lists before you go to the grocery store because you always ask “What did we come here for?” the minute you walk through the doors
    – You finish grocery shopping ($100 over budget), put your daughter safely in her car seat and proceed to drive ALL THE WAY HOME . . . without your groceries.

  123. You know you have adhd when: You start thinking what your plans are while someone is giving you important information and ask that you have that in writing.

  124. OM Goodness! I am special…

    1. When you are teaching a class and a lot of your sentences end with a word or two totally unrelated to the topic or sentence… the words are of course the end of the sentence you haven’t spoken yet.
    2. When you get into your car and drive off, then 10 minutes later can’t remember where you are going?
    3. When you ask someone an important question and they answer you but you can’t remember a word they said.

  125. Oh just thought of another one…
    When you set long term financial goals and you keep changing them every other time, when you remember you have goals. Eventually you give up because you never achieve them. A bit like trying to kick a ball into a moving goal post.

  126. Okay, so it has become abundantly clear to me that I have Adult ADHD and it is interfering with my work (a lot), now what? Where do I go? Is this something I can discuss with by GP? Where do I get help?

  127. When the waiter asks “who ordered the…” and you realise you have NO IDEA what you ordered and everything he has sounds familiar.

  128. You know you have ADHD when:

    -You have to think about sequencing your thoughts before explaining something to someone.
    -You cannot meditate, complete a thought, or fully develop an idea mentally.
    -You ask or tell people things and they say “You asked/told me that already”
    -You’re reading and come across a word you don’t know, so you go to your dictionary APP, and once the app loads, you forget what the word is
    -You get excited and feel extremely accomplished with a new outlook on life, whenever you follow through on more than one personal goal set for the day
    -Your peers say that you’re random
    -You have to re-read material over and over just to process the info (regardless of text simplicity)
    -You have an embarrassingly poor sense of direction
    -You’re watching a movie with friends and have no idea what’s going on in the movie.
    -It genuinely hurts your feelings when others say ADHD isn’t real
    -When someone is speaking to you and you have no idea what they’re talking about
    -When everything in your life is half-done: books read, education, career, etc
    -When you set your bedtime goal at 11pm but you’re here on this blog commenting at 11:20 and still haven’t completed all that you meant to 2 hours ago
    -When your health suffers because of failure to receive preventive care such as regular medical checkups and dental visits. Not because you don’t want it but because nothing dramatic enough has happened to push you to remember to take advantage of those services.
    -When it takes you forever to complete tasks
    -When you hate reading menu’s and maps
    -When you hate shopping in big stores like Target, Burlington, Marshall’s, Sears, Kohl’s etc.
    -When you snack alot or have addictive tendencies
    -When you just won’t shutup once you’ve gotten into a conversation.

  129. When your in college and you space out in class everything the teacher says goes in one ear and out the other and then you go to the tutor lab right after to fix that problem.
    When you drive the wrong way home every day.
    You do projects in little pieces because you get tired of them fast.
    When you live at a shelter and your required to check in but you forget a lot and get written up.
    You miss parent techer confrense, and school concert .
    You cut people off and always seem to talk at the wrong time

  130. -If one of your favorite things to say is “Hey, I have an idea!”
    -If you wake up your wife in the middle of the night to ask her random questions that she thinks are stupid, but you know they are not. Like…”Do you know why fire burns up even though gravity pulls us down?”
    -When you get put in a group project and end up doing the entire thing alone, because their ideas do not fit within your bigger picture.
    -when you know your smarter than your professors
    -if you have changed majors more than once in the same day.
    – If you know your right, you will stop at nothing to prove it.
    -If your iPad dies and your idea of putting it on the charger is to plug it into a 100 ft extension cord so you can get around.
    – If you drink an energy drink to help you go to sleep. Lol
    – if you wait till the last minute, because it only takes a minute.

    • OMG you just explained my whole life in one paragraph. The questions. Oh the questions. People will never understand why we have so much questions. The my way or the high because I’m right because you have a million ideas about how to do it. I feel you!

  131. When you have been trying to organize your room all morning and at noon there is a Huge mess and you’ré still wearing pajamas.

  132. When you go to the atm machine, ask for money. Grab your card back from the machine, wheel away thinking about other stupid stuff then realize 5 mins later that you left the money hanging on the machine!
    When you feel like taking a nap is too boring you better do something else that keeps your brain busy!
    When on your computer you always have 1000 windows open and decide randomly, in the middle of one of those 1000 things,that you need to look at a 1001 other thing just right now…

  133. When you actively fight the need to sleep by any and all means possible because the thought of having to lay still in the dark waiting to sleep is unbearably boring.

  134. When you read the work bulletin board (try) and notice the really cool pattern in the paper backing and 30 minutes later remember it was a 10 minute break.

    But a great part of ADHD, I can critical think like no one else, now I may decide to send you to Mars to fix your cold but usually it works out well

  135. When you’re watching Netflix and every ten or fifteen minutes you have to pause it because, “I know that guy, who he is? What’s he in?” or “Oooh, I like her mixer. What model is it? I should save it to my amazon wishlist!” and then upon saving it, you continue to window shop until you realize that you left your movie on pause… and then you repeat.

  136. One night you come to stay with a friend on a out of town visit. You meet another friend at the movies. When movie is over you go to get in your car and you can not get in; not because you locked keys inside but because you locked the car doors which you normally don’t do because you have lost the key that unlocks the doors (you have old car) because you had to have a new transmission key lock put in and so the key to to start car and key to open doors are two different keys. Since the key to open car door and key to start car are two different keys, you are pretty much screwed. Your car is 105 years old but it was built like a submarine so NOONE but the best of the best can get in (unless you want to pay a hefty sum to locksmith).

    My girlfriend takes me back to my friend’s house as we decide, as a engineer, he can help me get the car door open in the morning. Meanwhile, after she leaves, I realize I have left my cell phone in her car so she has to meet me at where I left my car and she lives WAY on out in the country. The engineer is up for the job (you know how men are) and is actually excited to get the job done. While looking for just the right tools the next morning to get into my car, he slices his finger on a vegetable slicer and is bleeding everywhere but is still determined to go and get car door unlocked. I must say he was good…with a loosely bandaged, still bleeding badly finger, he was able to get into my car in less than 50 seconds. (that’s a engineer for you). I headed back to my home and got a call that he was at the emergency room having stitches. The sad thing is that this type of craziness happens regularly to me so I am use to it; unfortunately, I don’t think non ADDers are!!

  137. You decide to stay home and get caught up on some things, like laundry, dishes, general cleaning. BUT you know yourself so you tell yourself that your reward after doing these dreaded, boring tasks will be to give yourself a treat, like chocolate or buying yourself a little something, ect. At the end of the day, you realize you are tired because you have literally not sat down the entire day. Not one of your dreaded, boring tasks has been done; but due to your piddling around with stuff for instance, “oh there’s that flashlight I thought I lost”, wonder if I have batteries for it”. Oh yes, here they are. Whats that in the back of the cabinet? Oh my paint brush from when I was going to paint my kitchen cabinets. I think I will get started on that; but first I need to remember how to get cabinets ready for painting so I better go on the web. While I am on here, let me just check facebook real fast; I may have missed some news from some friends. What? Sue is depresssed. I will call her right now.
    MEANWHILE the paint job is forgot about but paintbrush lays on counter, along with flashlight and batteries. Therein lies my day of how I get nothing I set out to do accomplised and even add more to the mess. Funny, but sometimes really not so much. I fill like I have no control over my own life.

  138. You can not wait to finish off the first sentence you are saying , and start the second one midway through, like A LOT OF THE TIME.
    You forget what you were doing/thinking every 10 mins while writing an essay for college/ proposal for project/ something boring etc.
    Anything can wait til last minute.

  139. … The Internet was invented to make sure you never got stuff done ever again.

    … wildlife always appears when someone boring is speaking

    • “wildlife always appears when someone boring is speaking”
      I thought I was the only one this happened to! ahh, this disease does follow a pattern!

      • I was at a meeting once and just as I was called on the speak a flock of birds flew by the window and I pointed and said “Oh look!” Everyone started laughing and I felt like an idiot.

  140. Louis Green says:

    When your in a car with 4 people and someone starts telling the same story you have heard a thousand times with these same people , you finnish the story for him. Nobody else can understand show you did that. The story teller is mad caused you took away the story. The other 3 are mad cause they swear they never heard the story before.
    After 25 years of marriage your divorced. Mostly because of your ADHD . The one thing you learned that every night you put your keys and wallet in the same place. Cause you no longer have a person to find them for you. It takes you about 5 weeks to finally do this everytime.
    You have a photograpic memory for useless facts . But things you need to remember you cannot if your life depended on it.
    Your 59 and your life is pretty much a disaster .
    You can finnish someones sentence for them
    People keep telling you , you have to prepare them for what your going to say .
    Every once in while someone says everyone thinks your a moron but I noticed your very very smart
    You earned the name idiot savent at work because you know a lot of stuff but everybody thought you were and idiot.

  141. Louis Green says:

    You know you have ADHD because you started reading this articles posts and it was like WOW people who finally get me. When 99 per cent of these posts have happened to you .

  142. When you just bought enough food to fill your 30 cubic feet refrigerator. But in order to put away your foods, you have to empty the already filled fridge of the foods you bought a week ago which by now has gone bad because you didn’t have to time the make 10,000 dishes you planned because you spent all your time grocery shopping for the 10,000 dishes you are GOING to make the coming week.
    when you stop washing the sink full of dishes so you can post about the ADD behaviors you’ve done in the past because if you don’t post what is on your mind RIGHT now, your thoughts will be forgotten in the next 5 minutes.

  143. When you come up with 2 or 3 things to add to this list and you scroll to the bottom to add them and can’t remember what a single one was.
    when you first get diagnosed with adult ADHD and spend two days hyper focused on ADHD forums thinking omg, I’m not alone!

  144. When you get to work and remember nothing about actual the drive there and wonder if you stopped for all the traffic lights and stop signs?

  145. You know you have ADHD when

  146. When you pack for an early morning flight the night before and make sure you take extra time to pack all your outfits for a very important business trip, set 3 alarms to get up on time and arrive at the airport on time – and only realize in the security line that you do not have your wallet! Hence no ID.

    You have to go back home because security won’t let you through and book yourself on a later flight and when you get home you realize you actually also forgot your keys and locked yourself out. The doorman will et you in if you pay 50$ but without wallet you can’t pay him either! He is however a benevolent soul who is used to you locking yourself out every once in a while and agrees to take the money from your later and you go on with your highly disrupted day/week as best you can. This does not at all seem like something that doesn’t happen to you!

  147. honey Georginia Lyon says:

    all the above post aply to you……oh yeah!!

  148. When you order food from the drive through, pay for your food, drive off without it. You don’t realize until you got home, then you go back to get your food. They ask you what you ordered and then you forget what you originally ordered!

    You lock your keys in your car so many times that you have become an expert at breaking into your own car with a coat hanger, and can do it in under 30 seconds flat!

  149. When you send an email to someone and realise you called them Peter instead of Henry for no good reason.

    Or when someone that you have known for months (or years) starts talking to you and you are about 90% sure of their name, but hesitate and make it obvious you are not sure.

  150. When you stay up all night to make sure you don’t miss your very early morning appointment it’s the only way it’s guaranteed to happen, you see an interesting video on facebook about how to decorate wood with two jack leads to make lightening type effect looking burns, so you end up on a joinery page deciding this is maybe something you should get into. Then you somehow end up after a series of videos watching a video on how to fit a rubiks cube into a glass jar (when your mum walks in and actually says you are crazy) and then someone making a tiny 6,mm Rubiks cube so you end up on Ebay trying to look for the worlds smallest Rubiks cube just because , you must own one now! Then you keep getting distracted by people posting on your post about staying up all night and still end up late for your ADHD assessment appointment. Just got diagnosed at age 33 yesterday … Have been laughing so much at all of these!!! 😀 So good to read these and relate so very much.

  151. While reading and enjoying these comments I remembered that my porridge had been sitting cooked in the microwave for the last 2 hours.

  152. when you are busy with something and suddenly a voice says hello from the phone that you notice is in your hand. You suddenly recall that you phoned them moments ago, before you got ditracted.

  153. You know you have adult adhd when… SQUIRRELL!!!

  154. I didn’t read all of these so I hope this one is not there.
    …when you look for your glasses all afternoon and can’t wait for the kids to come home to help you look. They come in and you offer $5.00 to the one who finds your glasses first and they both scream out, laughing that they’re on your head.

  155. You remember at 3:30 you were supposed to pick up your kid from school, 30 minutes ago.

  156. You came on the computer to put on background music while you clean the house. and you’ve just spent the last 20 minutes reading the above comments.

  157. bblack4jc says:

    …you show up to your doctor’s appointment only to find out it’s the wrong doctor.

    …you show up to your doctor’s appointment only to find out you don’t even have an appointment that day.

    …you had a really good answer for this question, but started reading all the comments above and forgot what you were going to post.

    …you have a great idea and start working on it, when all of a sudden another great idea pops up in your head and you have to go write it down or start on it, etc., etc., et nauseum…only to find your house full of “I’ll finish that someday” projects.

    …you are still sitting at your computer trying to figure out that good answer you had to begin with. It will bug you until you finally remember.