Ari TuckmanI have a very important question to ask you…

  • Do you know where your keys are?
  • How about your cell phone?
  • Did you remember to buy milk?
  • Do you even know why it is that you started browsing online in the first place???

Of course, I’m making a joke here, and it’s a joke that every adult with ADHD gets. We all have varying degrees of difficulty with working memory, which often leaves us struggling to remember what we did (like where we put our keys), or what we need to do (like pick up milk at the store).

Psychologist Dr. Ari Tuckman has briefly covered this topic in past presentations at the Virtual AD/HD Conference, and this year I asked him to expand on the topic and present a Master Class on ADHD and working memory. He eagerly accepted, and informed me that the problem isn’t necessarily with our working memory, but with our attention.

Dr. Tuckman has been busy putting together this brand new presentation for the Virtual AD/HD Conference, and I can’t wait to experience it! In the meantime, I invite you to listen to this free podcast in which Dr. Ari Tuckman gives us a sneak peek and explains the challenges that adults with ADHD face when it comes to memory and attention. He also offers some practical tips that you can put to use immediately! Podcast


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