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Medication should never be used lightly in any area of medicine, but decisions regarding ADHD medication have become particularly fraught. On the one hand, we must balance likely benefits of treating versus possible side effects. On the other, expecting too much from medication without an emphasis on the whole picture creates unrealistic expectations.

Regardless of what a family decides in the long run, objectivity and a comprehensive understanding of ADHD support skillful choices every step of the way. For any child with ADHD it’s not a matter of ‘either/or’ in choosing between options for intervention, but seeing ADHD with as much clarity as possible.

Mark BertinIn this free podcast, Developmental Pediatrician Dr. Mark Bertin discusses:

  • Why parents are often afraid of medicating their kids’ ADHD
  • Why medicating for ADHD is no different than medicating for an ear infection
  • What he thinks parents should know when they are making the decision of whether or not to medicate a child

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