You don’t have to have ADHD to feel like you have ADHD. The world has become so distracting that everyone is working much harder to stay focused on what’s most important while trying to ignore what’s most stimulating or interesting. We also have many more belongings that need to be dealt with, shuffled about, and […]

The term “executive functions” is often mentioned in the context of ADHD, but there’s a lot of confusion about what it actually means. Simply put, executive functions are high-level brain processes that help us navigate a complex world. They help us to connect our past experiences with our present actions. They help us decide between […]

Reminder: It’s not too late to join us at the ADHD & Weight Management Online Seminar tonight! Register here. This virtual event takes place tonight and tomorrow night (January 24 & 25) from 7-9pm EST both nights. As with all our online events, you can join us live from your own home or office, or […]

Coffee. A large Diet Coke. A bagel. A granola bar. A muffin. Whatever’s out at the office – donuts, coffee cake, etc. These are all answers I’ve received when asking clients, “What do you usually eat for breakfast?” Skipping breakfast or eating a nutritionally deficient breakfast is one of the worst mistakes that an ADHDer […]

I was at the CHADD conference in Orlando this past November when the coaching community was struck with some very bad news. We learned that one of our own, Victoria “Vickie” Ball, had passed away unexpectedly. Vickie was one of the first ADHD coaches in the US and she was in private practice for over […]

The Podcast Series is here! And I’m thrilled to welcome Dr. Roberto Olivardia, psychologist, Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, and ADHD expert, in our premier episode on Managing Your Weight When You Have ADHD. Take a listen to: Learn how unhealthy eating habits are connected to your ADHD Hear about an ADHD patient […]

Have you ever found yourself with really good intentions about eating healthy, only to have your ADHD challenges derail your plans? Yeah, I have, too. My biggest derailment comes in the form of not leaving myself enough time—or enough energy—to cook dinner. It’s not uncommon for me to get hyperfocused at work and find myself […] is pleased to announce our first virtual (online) event of 2012: The ADHD & Weight Management Seminar: How to Build Healthy Eating Habits that are ADHD-friendly. Register by January 3 to secure the early bird price of just $77! Did you know that adults with ADHD are more likely to become obese, and even […]