I was so busy waiting for babies last fall that I never got around to telling you about a great new book that I contributed to! The Distracted Couple: The Impact of ADHD on Adult Relationships is the brain child of editors Larry Maucieri and Jon Carlson, who wanted to put together a reference guide for […]

Starting to feel sluggish and a little blue? Don’t fret, it’s normal. Especially if you’re an adult with ADHD. If you know me well, then you no doubt know that my favorite season is spring. Come April, I’m as happy as can be! The weather warms up, there’s lots of sun, and things are alive […]

Do you take medication for your ADHD? How about medication for a co-existing condition, like anxiety or depression? In over a decade of coaching adults with ADHD, I’ve noticed that about 80% of my clients are taking medication for both ADHD and a co-existing condition. Let’s be frank: medication is a controversial topic. And there […]

The Virtual AD/HD Conference Podcast Series is a special edition of the ADHDmanagement.com Podcast.   Medication should never be used lightly in any area of medicine, but decisions regarding ADHD medication have become particularly fraught. On the one hand, we must balance likely benefits of treating versus possible side effects. On the other, expecting too […]

The summer is always a busy and exciting time for us here at the ADD Management Group. That’s because we’re happily working away behind the scenes to bring you the annual Virtual AD/HD Conference! Are you familiar with this event? If not, let me fill you in! We all know that undiagnosed and untreated AD/HD […]

Here’s what’s going on in the world of ADHD this week! Dr. Stephanie Sarkis interviews me on the maverick approach to ADHD management for her Psychology Today and Huffingon Post blogs. ADHD Aware is holding it’s 1st National ADHD Youth Leadership Summit in Pennsylvania this summer. What a fantastic idea! Britney Spears adds her name […]

This is a quick reminder that TODAY is the last day to take advantage of the Early Bird Discount for the AD/HD Medication Matters Summit! Act now to pay just $77 for the entire event! That’s $50 off the regular fee, and a savings of 39%! Register at http://medication-adhd.com We ran this event last year […]

I gave birth to my daughter, Tigerlily, about 15 months ago. In preparation for my pregnancy (and under my doctor’s care), I took myself off Concerta (which I was taking to help manage ADHD) about a year before getting pregnant. Since giving birth, I’ve had a number of readers inquire about my experience and ask […]

I’m constantly shocked by people who complain about their struggle with ADHD when they have no right to. What do I mean by this? Hear me when I say that if you’re swilling a 1.25L bottle of coke in the afternoon to wash down the chips you’ve just had about two hours before sitting down […]

Like, Respect, and Trust Your Doctors Many adults with ADHD largely ignore one very important factor in self-care: choosing good health care providers. Whether you’re looking for a dentist or a general practitioner, it’s tough to find good doctors today. Very few actually take the time to get to know you and develop a personal […]