This week the web was full of great stuff that isn’t exclusively for adults with ADHD, but is very much worth the read, nonetheless. Check it out: Joe Wilner reminds us that Perfectionism Prevents Progress and that “good enough” is actually great. What the f*** can I make for dinner?!? Real Simple offers a slew […]

It was another busy week on the web in the world of ADHD! Here’s what we think is worth the read: The ADHD & Executive Functions Forum has concluded, but for a limited time you can still get the materials and access the presentation! ADHD celebrity Ty Pennington talks about getting naked. I’ve been pinning […]

As we head into the weekend, here’s what’s going on around the web in the world of ADHD! Melissa Orlov offers some great advice about how to suggest to your spouse that s/he may have ADHD. Bryan Hutchinson asks, Who are the Famous, Successful Women with ADHD? ADDitude Magazine readers share their doctors’ most helpful […]

Our guest on the latest Podcast is Dr. Ari Tuckman, who talks to us about ADHD and Executive Functions. Take a listen to: Find out what executive functions are Discover the specific executive functions weaknesses that adults with ADHD deal with Pick up some helpful tips and strategies for managing adult ADHD that take […]

You don’t have to have ADHD to feel like you have ADHD. The world has become so distracting that everyone is working much harder to stay focused on what’s most important while trying to ignore what’s most stimulating or interesting. We also have many more belongings that need to be dealt with, shuffled about, and […]

The term “executive functions” is often mentioned in the context of ADHD, but there’s a lot of confusion about what it actually means. Simply put, executive functions are high-level brain processes that help us navigate a complex world. They help us to connect our past experiences with our present actions. They help us decide between […]

What causes ADHD? That’s one of the most popular questions people have about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The popular answer to that question used to be “genetics.” Like many other adults with ADHD, I can pinpoint which side of the family my ADHD comes from, and which family members clearly have ADHD themselves. (My mother […]