Did you remember Valentine’s Day, or did you get yourself in trouble with your significant other? Perhaps your ADHD forgetfulness has you in the doghouse? I totally screwed up this year. In my defense, we’re not even 2 full months into 2012 and it’s already been a doozy of a year. Life has been moving […]

I admit it. I’m high maintenance. I like to be in control of the radio while in the car, and the remote while watching TV. I have systems set up all over the house that no one is allowed to screw with. I hate to be interrupted when I’m concentrating. And you don’t want to […]

Remember that you married your partner because they were fun, spontaneous, creative, and charming? Now that the memories of  the wedding festivities are dim and you are living every day with this person, some of those attractive “character traits” are starting to be annoying and irritating. You would like to plan the summer vacation now, […]

I’ve often said that I picture a little hamster running on a wheel inside my ADHD partner’s brain, constantly churning out random thoughts and ideas. This is why a lot of ADHDers have trouble falling asleep at night, especially if they don’t take time to relax before bed. They suffer from Hamster Wheel Brain (HWB), […]

Adults with ADHD often have trouble sustaining friendships because ADHD challenges get in the way. If you’re not managing your time well, then it’s difficult to squeeze in a lunch date, or even a phone call. If you’re unorganized, you might forget a birthday card. And you might even zone out of an important conversation […]

Wondering if your marriage problems might be explained by the presence of ADHD?  Here are five signs that you should look for: There is a seriously unbalanced distribution of responsibility in your household.  A partner with ADHD often has trouble following through on tasks that are boring or need full attention.  To compensate, non-ADHD spouses […]