In this episode of the Podcast Series, I welcome Dr. Stephanie Sarkis as we discuss the topic of ADHD and credit card debt. Take a listen to: Find out why people with ADHD have a higher amount of credit card debt Learn how to shed the shame associated with financial difficulties Get some ADHD-friendly […]

In this episode of the Podcast Series, Erin Korey and I discuss what’s popular here at, and offer some humor and helpful tips along the way. Take a listen to: Get to know Erin and me, and find out why we decided to start Pick up some helpful ADHD management tips, like […]

Our guest on the latest Podcast is Dr. Ari Tuckman, who talks to us about ADHD and Executive Functions. Take a listen to: Find out what executive functions are Discover the specific executive functions weaknesses that adults with ADHD deal with Pick up some helpful tips and strategies for managing adult ADHD that take […]

The Podcast Series is here! And I’m thrilled to welcome Dr. Roberto Olivardia, psychologist, Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, and ADHD expert, in our premier episode on Managing Your Weight When You Have ADHD. Take a listen to: Learn how unhealthy eating habits are connected to your ADHD Hear about an ADHD patient […]