Do you take medication for your ADHD? How about medication for a co-existing condition, like anxiety or depression? In over a decade of coaching adults with ADHD, I’ve noticed that about 80% of my clients are taking medication for both ADHD and a co-existing condition. Let’s be frank: medication is a controversial topic. And there […]

Does the concept of “time management” makes your stomach clench? If so, you’re not alone! Almost every adult with ADHD has difficulty with time–whether it’s meeting deadlines, showing up on time for an appointment, or just getting through the daily to-do’s. I recently had a podcast chat with Senior Certified ADHD Coach and Bonnie Mincu […]

I have a very important question to ask you… Do you know where your keys are? How about your cell phone? Did you remember to buy milk? Do you even know why it is that you started browsing online in the first place??? Of course, I’m making a joke here, and it’s a joke that […]

Have you ever been told that you’re too sensitive? After the Boston marathon bombing, I coached quite a few clients who felt angry, sad, and anxious. They felt like they couldn’t escape tragic news in the media. It seemed like there was a new tragedy every week, and they couldn’t get a break from the […]

Do you have a question about managing your ADHD? Having trouble with stress management, organization, focus, or another aspect of your ADHD? Need a recommendation for specific time management tools? Then you’re in luck! We’re accepting your ADHD management questions for the Podcast Series! I invite you to call our dedicated question line at […]

In the latest podcast, I talk with fellow Senior Certified ADHD Coach Becca Colao about what it’s like to be a parent with ADHD. There’s plenty of info out there about parenting a child with ADHD, but what if you, the parent, are the one with ADHD? Becca and I are both moms of […]

The Podcast Series is back! As an adult with ADHD, you know how important it is to create an environment that works with your ADHD. We’re always striving to find the best ways to improve focus, organization, and productivity. But what about at work, where you can’t necessarily control your environment? In this podcast, […]

The Virtual AD/HD Conference Podcast Series is a special edition of the Podcast.   Medication should never be used lightly in any area of medicine, but decisions regarding ADHD medication have become particularly fraught. On the one hand, we must balance likely benefits of treating versus possible side effects. On the other, expecting too […]

The Virtual AD/HD Conference Podcast Series is a special edition of the Podcast.   New research in ADHD is published all the time. Most of the time, however, people hear about the new research from the press, which often only covers stories which can be sensationalized (and misinterpreted). As a result, we often don’t hear […]

The Virtual AD/HD Conference Podcast Series is a special edition of the Podcast.   People with ADHD often report various difficulties with sleep, including trouble getting to sleep or waking up, as well as daytime sleepiness. Sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, are also quite common. It seems that no matter who you are, […]