Welcome to the 2012 Virtual AD/HD Conference Podcast Series, a special edition of the ADHDmanagement.com Podcast! I always laugh when someone tells me to “think outside the box.” I have ADHD. So I don’t need to think outside the box. I LIVE outside the box! I think most people with ADHD know what I mean. […]

Welcome to the 2012 Virtual AD/HD Conference Podcast Series, a special edition of the ADHDmanagement.com Podcast! Each year, I interview speakers on the topics that they’ll be presenting on at the conference in October. In today’s podcast, we talk with Dr. Stephanie Sarkis on the topic of ADHD and financial debt. Take a listen to: […]

The summer is always a busy and exciting time for us here at the ADD Management Group. That’s because we’re happily working away behind the scenes to bring you the annual Virtual AD/HD Conference! Are you familiar with this event? If not, let me fill you in! We all know that undiagnosed and untreated AD/HD […]

Take a second and think about how you start your day. Do you roll over, turn off the alarm, lie in bed… and check Facebook? Do you suddenly leap out of the covers, make a mad dash to the shower and hope you can get out of the door in time? Or do you take […]

Think you can’t control your thoughts? Hmmm. Did you wet your pants today? Did you cry and stomp your feet today over anything? No. You’ve learned to control your bladder. And your temper (well, mostly). And you can learn to control your thoughts to reap HUGE benefits. To wit, imagine if you could: Power up […]

This was the story of my life when I worked in the corporate world! One ADHD challenge that I have always been plagued with is lateness. And getting to work at 9am in the morning was never easy. I’d rush in somewhere between 9:10 and 9:30, desperately trying to make it to my desk without […]

Nobody wants to do something that’s boring or uncomfortable, so it comes as no surprise when we put off unsavory tasks such as cleaning out the lint trap in the dryer. But what if the only way you could achieve happiness and success was to clean out the lint trap 50 times per day every […]

Just over a week ago, there was big news around here in the New York metropolitan area. The Stony Brook Seawolves baseball team, based at Long Island’s Stony Brook University, advanced to the College World Series, making them the first Northeast Region school in history to do so. To call them underdogs would be an […]

As adults with ADHD, we can sometimes sabotage our best intentions when we compensate for weakness in follow through by nagging ourselves, or playing back the nagging words of others. Either way, these negative, energy draining messages often begin with “I should have…” or “My mother says I ought to…”  It’s best not to should […]

In 2005, Erin and I traveled to California for vacation. We stayed in San Fransisco for a few days, then drove down the coast to spend time in Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Pacific Heights. It was one of the best vacations we ever had. But we also got into one of the biggest fights of […]