Welcome to the 2012 Virtual AD/HD Conference Podcast Series, a special edition of the ADHDmanagement.com Podcast! Each year, I interview speakers on the topics that they’ll be presenting on at the conference in October. In today’s podcast, we talk with Dr. Stephanie Sarkis on the topic of ADHD and financial debt. Take a listen to: […]

When you have ADHD, things can seem so overwhelming.  It’s difficult to just focus on the present – doing one step at a time.  But doing just that – focusing on what is going on right now – can help you with your financial difficulties.  The practice of focusing on the here and now is […]

In this episode of the ADHDmanagement.com Podcast Series, I welcome Dr. Stephanie Sarkis as we discuss the topic of ADHD and credit card debt. Take a listen to: Find out why people with ADHD have a higher amount of credit card debt Learn how to shed the shame associated with financial difficulties Get some ADHD-friendly […]

This week the web was full of great stuff that isn’t exclusively for adults with ADHD, but is very much worth the read, nonetheless. Check it out: Joe Wilner reminds us that Perfectionism Prevents Progress and that “good enough” is actually great. What the f*** can I make for dinner?!? Real Simple offers a slew […]

I’m generally a positive person on the subject of ADHD. I absolutely believe that people can learn to manage their ADHD and live full, happy, successful lives. But there’s no denying that, prior to that point of learning to live with and manage ADHD, many of us truly suffer. Take money, for example. When prominent […]

It was another busy week on the web in the world of ADHD! Here’s what we think is worth the read: The ADHD & Executive Functions Forum has concluded, but for a limited time you can still get the materials and access the presentation! ADHD celebrity Ty Pennington talks about getting naked. I’ve been pinning […]

A 2003-2004 study from the University of Massachusetts found that 67% of adults with ADHD had problems with money management. This is not particularly surprising. Consider the words typically used when discussing personal finance: control, attention, plan, organize, consistent. It’s no wonder that issues arise. Studies also indicate that adults with untreated ADHD earn an average […]