I spent the last weekend in July at ADDA’s 25th Anniversary Conference in Orlando. What a great event! If you’re not already a member of ADDA, then I encourage you to become one. It’s a truly wonderful organization dedicated to improving the lives of adults with ADHD, and I’ve been involved with it for many, […]

Is it really September already? Summers seem to go by quicker and quicker, don’t they? Every year around this time, I hear from a number of adults with ADHD who are stressing out and not enjoying the last weeks of summer. They’re frustrated and annoyed with themselves because summer is almost over and they haven’t […]

When Kirsten Milliken of PlayDHD asked me to join her and her co-host Stacey Turis for an episode of their video series, I was instantly intrigued. These fabulous ADHD ladies host fun and lively video discussion on a variety of topics under the umbrella of play and ADHD. (Hence, PlayDHD.) Kirsten asked me what I […]

If you’re an adult with ADHD, then chances are that at some point in your life, you’ve felt that you’re not “living up to your potential.” What a lousy way to feel about yourself! This judgment often manifests itself when you take stock of all the great ideas you’ve had that have never gone anywhere, […]

The Virtual AD/HD Conference Podcast Series is a special edition of the ADHDmanagement.com Podcast.   “I just don’t feel like I’m living up to my potential!” I’ve heard this statement uttered by so many adults with ADHD! Underachievement is the one word most associated with adult ADHDers in relating to their job (or their schoolwork). […]

The Virtual AD/HD Conference Podcast Series is a special edition of the ADHDmanagement.com Podcast.   Shame is an emotion that people with ADHD are all to familiar with. For many people with ADHD, it doesn’t take much to trigger a response of shame. Sometimes it’s the feeling that you should have started something sooner when you […]

Welcome to the 2012 Virtual AD/HD Conference Podcast Series, a special edition of the ADHDmanagement.com Podcast! I always laugh when someone tells me to “think outside the box.” I have ADHD. So I don’t need to think outside the box. I LIVE outside the box! I think most people with ADHD know what I mean. […]

As adults with ADHD, we can sometimes sabotage our best intentions when we compensate for weakness in follow through by nagging ourselves, or playing back the nagging words of others. Either way, these negative, energy draining messages often begin with “I should have…” or “My mother says I ought to…”  It’s best not to should […]

Organization and time management happen to be two of the biggest challenges for adults with ADHD. Part of the problem is that these are skills that just don’t come naturally to people with ADHD. Many of us have to learn them later in life, as adults, and often only after a lack of organization and […]

As an “app geek,” I’m commonly asked to recommend an ADHD-friendly app that is “the best” for task and time management. There are quite a lot of apps out there, so I felt the desire to show you exactly why I love a specific iPad/iPhone/Web combination that will keep you on track—one checkbox (or star) […]