I wanted to start by saying thank you to ADHDManagement.com for their commitment to our community of ADHDers. My adult life as an ADHDer has been made easier by incorporating a combination of specific apps into my personal multi-pronged ADHD management approach. My overall goal is to further the ADHD community as a whole, so I […]

As we head into the weekend, here’s what’s going on around the web in the world of ADHD! John McKenzie of Adult ADD and Money reminds us that now is a good time to get our financial documents in order for tax season. Jeff Siegel of Jeff’s ADD Mind explores the issue of adult ADHD […]

It’s the biggest paradox of ADHD: when you’re interested, you can’t tear yourself away. When you’re bored, focus becomes torture. Boredom is one of the main reasons we ADHDers procrastinate. Routine tasks like phone calls and paperwork, or household chores like laundry and dishes, become things that we dread and put off until we’re in […]