I was so busy waiting for babies last fall that I never got around to telling you about a great new book that I contributed to! The Distracted Couple: The Impact of ADHD on Adult Relationships is the brain child of editors Larry Maucieri and Jon Carlson, who wanted to put together a reference guide for […]

Healthline recently published a list of The 13 Best ADHD Health Blogs of 2013, and we made the list! Thanks, Healthline! We’re truly honored. Check out the list for 12 more awesome ADHD blog recommendations.

So… how many times have you come up with the most brilliant idea ever while you were in the shower, only to forget it by the time you were dry? It’s a common complaint that I hear from ADHD clients, and I can relate: I can’t shut my mind off when I’m in the shower. […]

I’ll be this participating in a few free, online events this month that are geared to help adults with ADHD succeed, and I hope you’ll join me! Overcoming the Chronic Overwhelm Associated with Adult ADHD Succeed with ADHD Telesummit Tuesday July 24, 2012 at 1pm EST Online – FREE to attend Register here My friend […]

Here’s what’s going on in the world of ADHD this week! Dr. Stephanie Sarkis interviews me on the maverick approach to ADHD management for her Psychology Today and Huffingon Post blogs. ADHD Aware is holding it’s 1st National ADHD Youth Leadership Summit in Pennsylvania this summer. What a fantastic idea! Britney Spears adds her name […]

Hello, ADHDers! I wanted to take a moment to apologize for the lack of content on the site in the last couple of weeks. Sometimes, life gets in the way unexpectedly. Sick kids, sick selves, and family matters take priority. But no need to worry, because all of us here at ADHDmanagement.com are committed to […]

Like, Respect, and Trust Your Doctors Many adults with ADHD largely ignore one very important factor in self-care: choosing good health care providers. Whether you’re looking for a dentist or a general practitioner, it’s tough to find good doctors today. Very few actually take the time to get to know you and develop a personal […]

What Is Mindfulness? Alice has been taking a mindfulness class for several weeks. At dinner with her friends, one of them asks, “So, what is mindfulness, really?” Alice explains that mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment. “Like right now,” she says, “noticing with full awareness that we are sitting at a table and […]

I’m generally a positive person on the subject of ADHD. I absolutely believe that people can learn to manage their ADHD and live full, happy, successful lives. But there’s no denying that, prior to that point of learning to live with and manage ADHD, many of us truly suffer. Take money, for example. When prominent […]

Before you pounce on me, let me just say that, as one of the first people to receive the Senior Certified ADHD Coach designation, I obviously do believe in the value and effectiveness of ADHD coaching. I’ve been both an ADHD coach and an ADHD coaching client, and I am a big fan of coaching. […]