I can relate. Especially this week. Happy Friday, ADHDers! 😉 This image originally appeared on someecards.com.  

When I came across someecards’ “Performance Review” featuring two of my favorite comedians, Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black, I just had to share.   Sound familiar, ADHDers? 😉 Enjoy your weekend!  

  Happy Friday, ADHDers! This image appeared on someecards.com.  

As you head into the weekend, remember: Stress Management = ADHD Management! Have a good one! Image credit: nickmom.com And thanks to Amanda S. for sharing!  

Whether you’re heading out for Happy Hour, staying in to observe a holiday, or just happy that you’re no longer on the clock, I think you’ll be able to relate to this:               Have a great weekend, everyone! Remember that stress management = ADHD management, so don’t forget to […]

From the Facebook page of entrepreneur and fellow ADHDer Peter Shankman: Have a great weekend, everyone!  

Today’s my birthday! I’m 36 today. And this year also marks another anniversary—my tenth year working as a coach in the world of ADHD. The best thing I ever did (next to having my daughter, of course) was to quit my corporate job and dive head first into ADHD coaching. It’s been easy at times, […]

Does this scream “ADHD at work” or what? From someecards.com.  

We’re calling on the adult ADHD community to help us compile this light-hearted list. Please contribute! You know you have adult ADHD when: You spend 15 minutes looking for your keys until you find them…in your pocket. While reading an article about how stimulant medications are “addictive,” you suddenly realize you forgot to take your […]

For adults with ADHD: Please tell us, Which is your least productive workday? We’ll be using the results in a future post. In the meantime, see how your results compare to other adults with ADHD! Which is your least productive work day?