Happy Thanksgiving to all with ADHD! As I host Thanksgiving for the very first time, I am thankful that my ADHD helps me thrive under pressure! 😉 In the spirit of this holiday, I invite all adults with ADHD (both here in the US and all over the world) to comment and tell us… What […]

Hello, ADHD World! It’s been a while… As you may know, we here at The ADD Management Group took an all-too-short break in the last few months to welcome twins into our family! But things didn’t exactly go as planned… Back in October, we experienced an emergency situation on the last day of the 2013 […]

It’s not our fault. They’re conspiring against us.

When Kirsten Milliken of PlayDHD asked me to join her and her co-host Stacey Turis for an episode of their video series, I was instantly intrigued. These fabulous ADHD ladies host fun and lively video discussion on a variety of topics under the umbrella of play and ADHD. (Hence, PlayDHD.) Kirsten asked me what I […]

Hmm… this comes from www.EverydayPeopleCartoons.com, but the only people I saw passing it around on Facebook were my ADHD friends! Sound familiar?  

So is this the epitome of the ADHD brain, or what?     This image is just one in the If my brain was an imaginary friend series at The Oatmeal. Definitely check it out for some more laughs!  

Happy Friday, ADHDers! Don’t work too hard! 😉

This was the story of my life when I worked in the corporate world! One ADHD challenge that I have always been plagued with is lateness. And getting to work at 9am in the morning was never easy. I’d rush in somewhere between 9:10 and 9:30, desperately trying to make it to my desk without […]

It’s so true. Happy Friday, ADHDers! 😉  

Just over a week ago, there was big news around here in the New York metropolitan area. The Stony Brook Seawolves baseball team, based at Long Island’s Stony Brook University, advanced to the College World Series, making them the first Northeast Region school in history to do so. To call them underdogs would be an […]