I was so busy waiting for babies last fall that I never got around to telling you about a great new book that I contributed to! The Distracted Couple: The Impact of ADHD on Adult Relationships is the brain child of editors Larry Maucieri and Jon Carlson, who wanted to put together a reference guide for […]

I recently joined Tara McGillicuddy on ADHD Support Talk Radio for a discussion on Attitude, Mindset, and Adult ADHD. It’s always fun to talk with my old friend Tara and discuss the topics that we, as veteran ADHD coaches, think are most important for adults who are managing ADHD. In this show, Tara and I […]

Life has it’s ups and downs for everyone, and when you’ve got ADHD… well you can really feel it. But that’s not the important part. The important part is how you deal with it. This isn’t a new concept, nor is it one that needs to be dissected here. What I do want to share […]

As adults with ADHD, we can sometimes sabotage our best intentions when we compensate for weakness in follow through by nagging ourselves, or playing back the nagging words of others. Either way, these negative, energy draining messages often begin with “I should have…” or “My mother says I ought to…”  It’s best not to should […]

Organization and time management happen to be two of the biggest challenges for adults with ADHD. Part of the problem is that these are skills that just don’t come naturally to people with ADHD. Many of us have to learn them later in life, as adults, and often only after a lack of organization and […]

I hate to say it, but the vast majority of adults with ADHD who I come across are in need of an attitude adjustment. That’s because many adults with ADHD go through their lives as negative thinkers with low self-esteem. We can understand why this happens. When you go through life feeling chronically overwhelmed and […]

One of the biggest challenges that I see in my ADHD clients is that they don’t know how to clearly separate their work time from their personal time. They take their home issues to work, and bring their work issues home. Often times, they don’t see it as a problem. But I’ve been coaching adults […]

When you make a change in your life—presumably to better manage your ADHD—what’s the hardest part? If you ask me, the hardest part of making any change is the stage in the process in which you are guaranteed to be uncomfortable. Making a positive, lasting change in your life isn’t easy. If it was, we’d […]

Let’s get one thing straight – if there was a world championship for procrastination, I’d have a bag of tricks that I could draw from and take out the title. Deadline tomorrow morning? Let’s spend four hours watching Archer. Paperwork to be filed? Boy, this desk looks messy! Meeting someone for coffee at 10am, fifteen […]

Today’s my birthday! I’m 36 today. And this year also marks another anniversary—my tenth year working as a coach in the world of ADHD. The best thing I ever did (next to having my daughter, of course) was to quit my corporate job and dive head first into ADHD coaching. It’s been easy at times, […]