Happy New Year! Another year has gone by and it’s officially 2012. And as a new year begins, so does the pressure for a fitter, trimmer, more productive, more successful, more organized you. It exhausting just thinking about all the things you want to accomplish this year, isn’t it? It’s tempting to create a resolution […]

Hello and welcome to ADHDmanagement.com, your go-to guide for living with adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder! This is Jennifer Koretsky, Senior Certified ADHD Coach and author of Odd One Out: The Maverick’s Guide to Adult ADD. You may also know me as the Director of the Virtual AD/HD Conference®. This year marks my 10th anniversary […]

ADHDmanagement.com is pleased to announce our first virtual (online) event of 2012: The ADHD & Weight Management Seminar: How to Build Healthy Eating Habits that are ADHD-friendly. Register by January 3 to secure the early bird price of just $77! Did you know that adults with ADHD are more likely to become obese, and even […]

People often ask us which term is correct: ADD, ADHD, or AD/HD? The official term currently used by the American Psychiatric Association is ADHD. In 1980, the DSM-III (a manual for doctors) introduced ADD (Attention-Deficit Disorder) with or without hyperactivity. In 1987, it was changed to ADHD. Then, in 1994 with the publication of the […]

Here’s something you may not have realized before: in order to effectively manage your time, you must manage your energy. Think about it… what good is a schedule or a routine or a to-do list if you don’t have the energy to follow through on your plans? And when you have ADHD, managing and regulating […]

I’ve often said that I picture a little hamster running on a wheel inside my ADHD partner’s brain, constantly churning out random thoughts and ideas. This is why a lot of ADHDers have trouble falling asleep at night, especially if they don’t take time to relax before bed. They suffer from Hamster Wheel Brain (HWB), […]

Adults with ADHD often have trouble sustaining friendships because ADHD challenges get in the way. If you’re not managing your time well, then it’s difficult to squeeze in a lunch date, or even a phone call. If you’re unorganized, you might forget a birthday card. And you might even zone out of an important conversation […]

As an adult with ADHD, I’ve experienced my share of challenges. I’ve struggled with focus, time management, ogranization, memory, overwhelm, and so much more, just like everyone else with ADHD. But I wouldn’t trade my ADHD for anything! Why? Because despite some difficulties, I’m also well aware of the benefits that I’ve enjoyed. While the […]

Wondering if your marriage problems might be explained by the presence of ADHD?  Here are five signs that you should look for: There is a seriously unbalanced distribution of responsibility in your household.  A partner with ADHD often has trouble following through on tasks that are boring or need full attention.  To compensate, non-ADHD spouses […]

Feeling overwhelmed? If so, you’re not alone. In my many years of coaching adults with ADHD, I’ve come to believe that chronic overwhelm is the hallmark of adult ADHD. It doesn’t matter if you’re hyperactive or inattentive, and it doesn’t matter if you’re medicated or not. We all suffer from overwhelm from time to time, […]