About Rob Hanly

Rob Hanly runs ADDucation.com.au, where he writes candidly about cutting the sh*t and getting awesome with ADHD. He was diagnosed with ADHD a year before finishing school, and has been using The S.E.E.D. Approach To Drug Free ADHD since 2008.

Take a second and think about how you start your day. Do you roll over, turn off the alarm, lie in bed… and check Facebook? Do you suddenly leap out of the covers, make a mad dash to the shower and hope you can get out of the door in time? Or do you take […]

Life has it’s ups and downs for everyone, and when you’ve got ADHD… well you can really feel it. But that’s not the important part. The important part is how you deal with it. This isn’t a new concept, nor is it one that needs to be dissected here. What I do want to share […]

I can distinctly remember the first time I told someone about my ADHD diagnosis. For the past month I’d discussed the Pros and Cons of the situation with counselor, my parents, my sister and two psychologists, weighing up my options. Do I open the proverbial kimono and expose myself to understanding, but potentially judgement? Or […]

I’m constantly shocked by people who complain about their struggle with ADHD when they have no right to. What do I mean by this? Hear me when I say that if you’re swilling a 1.25L bottle of coke in the afternoon to wash down the chips you’ve just had about two hours before sitting down […]

Let’s get one thing straight – if there was a world championship for procrastination, I’d have a bag of tricks that I could draw from and take out the title. Deadline tomorrow morning? Let’s spend four hours watching Archer. Paperwork to be filed? Boy, this desk looks messy! Meeting someone for coffee at 10am, fifteen […]

Let’s be fair – sometimes there are habits that we’ve built through our ADHD that can be a challenge to overcome. From saving money to developing better social skills, the goals are out there… but they can feel impossible to reach. Over the next few minutes I’m going to introduce you to what makes up […]

I was sitting with my Managing Director and Creative Director, talking about the year so far. It’s what they call a ‘Review’ in the corporate world. “You’re on the cusp of great things,” my Managing Director said as he turned to me. “You just need to really nail down these last few things. Once you’ve […]

When you have ADHD, the hardest thing in the world to do is focus. You sit down to start writing an email or start a piece of work, happily typing away. And then ‘pop!’ You suddenly find yourself standing in the kitchen making a sandwich. This is the epitome of ADHD’s focus challenge. What Is […]