Affiliate Program


Many of our clients and customers come to us by referral. We greatly appreciate referrals and are happy to say “thank you” for your recommendation by offering you a generous referral fee!

The ADD Management Group, LLC Affiliate Program is open to:

  • Current and former clients and customers who wish to refer their friends and family
  • ADHD professionals who wish to refer their patients and clients
  • Bloggers and webmasters who wish to advertise our events, products, and services

When you join our affiliate program, we’ll provide you with a username and password for our affiliate interface, along with unique trackable links and advertising materials that you can use to refer clients and customers to us.

When a new client or customer uses your link to purchase a product or service, we’ll pay you the following referral fees*:

Odd One Out book: 20% per sale
Coaching Toolkits: 20% per sale
Programs, Seminars, Summits, and other Events: 20% of fee (unless otherwise specified)
Virtual AD/HD Conference®: $50 per registration

*Referral fees are subject to terms and services as specified upon acceptance.

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer, or referral fees you can earn! Referral fees are paid by check once per quarter based on the following schedule:

Q1 (January to March) paid on or after June 1
Q2 (April to June) paid on or after September 1
Q3 (July to September) paid on or after December 1
Q4 (October to December) paid on or after March 1

Virtual AD/HD Conference® referral fees are paid separately each December following the conference.

Sign up now for our Affiliate Program and start earning money immediately! Just send an email to support [@] and tell us about yourself, and we’ll get you set up!

Please note that we do reserve the right to reject applicants to the Affiliate Program if we feel that your audience is not a good fit for our products and services.