PodcastWelcome to the 2012 Virtual AD/HD Conference Podcast Series, a special edition of the Podcast!

I always laugh when someone tells me to “think outside the box.” I have ADHD. So I don’t need to think outside the box. I LIVE outside the box!

I think most people with ADHD know what I mean. We are, by nature, creative thinkers. Not all of us are artists or poets, but we see and do things in ways that other people don’t. And depending on the situation, this can either be a wonderful thing, or it can present a challenge.

linda andersonI recently had a chat with Master Certified ADHD Coach Linda Anderson on the subject of the creative ADHD brain. Linda has some fantastic information on this topic, and she’s developed some great strategies to help people with ADHD *contain* their creative ideas and *connect* with them to follow through.

Take a listen to the podcast to hear what Linda has to say. If you live “outside the box,” then I think you’ll definitely enjoy this podcast!

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