PodcastWelcome to the 2012 Virtual AD/HD Conference Podcast Series, a special edition of the Podcast!

Each year, I interview speakers on the topics that they’ll be presenting on at the conference in October. In today’s podcast, we talk with Dr. Stephanie Sarkis on the topic of ADHD and financial debt.

Take a listen to:

  • Find out why people with ADHD are more prone to accumulating financial debt, especially credit card debt
  • Pick up a few tips for ADHD-friendly money management
  • Learn what Dr. Sarkis suggests you do as the first step towards getting your financial debt under controlVirtual ADHD Conference

And be sure to check out the full agenda for the 5th Annual Virtual AD/HD Conference, featuring Dr. Stephaie Sarkis and 23 other top ADHD experts!

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Jennifer Koretsky About Jennifer Koretsky

Jennifer Koretsky, SCAC is the Managing Partner of the ADD Management Group, LLC and Chief Executive Officer of She is a Senior Certified ADHD Coach, and the author of Odd One Out: The Maverick's Guide to Adult ADD.


  1. Clever way to preview the conference through this podcast series that you’ve started. I even noticed how you have links built right into the conference agenda. :) I look forward to future podcast samplers.

    Excellent and poignant topic that trips up a lot of people, especially ADHDers. Great advice for those first few steps to tackling the problem that are universally applicable to anything we face. #1 Building awareness and defining the problem.

    One thing I hope Stephanie will bring up in the conference are the components of a credit score. One of the components that make up about 30% of our score is the credit utilization rate. Basically it’s a ratio of how much credit we use compared to how much we have available. So lowering a credit limit can potentially hurt your credit score.

    Understandably, the focus is on debt management and helping to curb our impulse spending that gets us in trouble in the first place. Still some basic understanding of how lenders use our credit score and how that can help us have a lower interest rate in the future thereby keeping more of our money rather than giving it to the banks.


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