ADHD-radioI recently joined Tara McGillicuddy on ADHD Support Talk Radio for a discussion on Attitude, Mindset, and Adult ADHD.

It’s always fun to talk with my old friend Tara and discuss the topics that we, as veteran ADHD coaches, think are most important for adults who are managing ADHD.

In this show, Tara and I take a look at the role that a person’s attitude, or mindset, plays in their life. Take a listen as we consider:

  • Why a person with ADHD might develop a negative mindset
  • How a positive mindset can lead to more success in life, and to better ADHD management
  • The small steps that you can take immediately to start building a more positive mindset

Take a listen here: Attitude, Mindset, and Adult ADHD

I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful!

Jennifer Koretsky About Jennifer Koretsky

Jennifer Koretsky, SCAC is the Managing Partner of the ADD Management Group, LLC and Chief Executive Officer of She is a Senior Certified ADHD Coach, and the author of Odd One Out: The Maverick's Guide to Adult ADD.


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