Do you take medication for your ADHD? How about medication for a co-existing condition, like anxiety or depression? In over a decade of coaching adults with ADHD, I’ve noticed that about 80% of my clients are taking medication for both ADHD and a co-existing condition.

Dr. Kenny HandelmanLet’s be frank: medication is a controversial topic. And there are some ADHDers out there who really don’t need it. But the majority of us function better and feel better when we find the right medication (or medications) at the right dose. You’ve probably heard it said many times before that taking medication for ADHD is like putting on a pair of glasses when you can’t see. And I, for one, agree!

The problem, however, is that it’s often difficult to find that right medication and dose. And if you have anxiety, depression or another common co-existing condition, then your treatment options become more complicated. But “complicated” doesn’t mean “impossible”!

That’s why I asked expert Psychiatrist Dr. Kenny Handelman to present a Master Class at the Virtual AD/HD Conference this year. This is our 6th annual conference, and Dr. Kenny is one of our most popular speakers because he always gives informative, interesting, easy-to-understand presentations on ADHD treatment options.

Dr. Kenny and I sat down for a podcast on this topic, and I invite you to listen as we discuss:

  • Why it’s so important to understand the role of ADHD medication in your treatment
  • Which co-existing condition is the most common among adults with ADHD, and how to recognize the symptoms of it
  • How to talk to and (if necessary) educate your doctor about your ADHD treatment Podcast


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Virtual AD/HD ConferenceAnd in Dr. Kenny’s Master Class at the Virtual AD/HD Conference, he’ll be diving deeply into this topic and teaching us not just the foundational information on ADHD medication, but also more advanced topics, like how to determine when to switch medications, which medicines you might try when the typical stimulants don’t work, and what to do when you have a co-existing condition.

Since many people have trouble accessing an ADHD expert to help them, this Master Class is sure to be super helpful!

The Virtual AD/HD Conference is taking place October 7-10 and it’s completely online! You can attend the Master Classes live, or replay and download them later.

Dr. Kenny is one of 8 ADHD experts who are each presenting 2-hour Master Classes. Other topics include time management, organization, memory and attention, motivation, and more. These Master Class have been designed to provide you with the information, tools, resources, and strategies that you need to succeed as a happy and successful adult with ADHD.   

Are you ready to join us? Registration fees will soon increase by $50, so now is the time to register!

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Jennifer Koretsky, SCAC is the Managing Partner of the ADD Management Group, LLC and Chief Executive Officer of She is a Senior Certified ADHD Coach, and the author of Odd One Out: The Maverick's Guide to Adult ADD.


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    Exalent job on your blong !!! on the topic you write about medication on the ADHD front .

  2. Wendy Thompson says:

    How can I access the master class from Dr. Handelman from the Virtual AD/HD conference?
    Thank you!