Just over a week ago, there was big news around here in the New York metropolitan area. The Stony Brook Seawolves baseball team, based at Long Island’s Stony Brook University, advanced to the College World Series, making them the first Northeast Region school in history to do so.

To call them underdogs would be an understatement. Their 7-2 win over “the Yankees of college baseball” LSU came as a tremendous shock not only to college baseball fans, but to the rest of Stony Brook University, most of whom are so focused on academics that they had only a passing awareness (if any) of sports at their school.

But while I’m sure that at least one player on the team has ADHD (statistically speaking), I’m not telling you this story to illustrate how someone with ADHD can triumph over the odds, or succeed when no one believes in them. I’m telling you this because Jen is a graduate of Stony Brook, and she watches the local news every night, and yet she had no idea this was going on.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that from June 10th when Stony Brook beat LSU, until June 17th when they were defeated in an elimination game, the Seawolves were on the local news every single night. And Jen and I watched the local news together every single night. But when a colleague congratulated Jen on Stony Brook’s win, her response was, “I have no f—ing clue what you’re talking about.”

She then came downstairs and asked me if I knew Stony Brook was a big deal in college baseball right now. “Yes, of course,” I said. “We’ve been watching the coverage on the news all week.”

“Really?” she answered. “I didn’t notice.”

It just goes to show that even when someone with ADHD looks like they’re watching television, they may not be watching it at all. I wonder if the people behind the Nielsen Ratings know about this.


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  1. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truth!!!!!! Nielsen needs to know!!!!! -AB/Crusher