ADHD home routinesAs an “app geek,” I’m commonly asked to recommend an ADHD-friendly app that is “the best” for task and time management. There are quite a lot of apps out there, so I felt the desire to show you exactly why I love a specific iPad/iPhone/Web combination that will keep you on track—one checkbox (or star) at a time.

There are cheap app solutions and very expensive ones, but they tend to be similar in being unoriginal. I’ve tried about 10 apps that do a good-to-great job, but none of them have stood up to the ease of use and quality that HomeRoutines has.

There are many ways to use HomeRoutines, as it was actually built for FlyLady‘s system of running a household. Routines are crucial for structure and success in n ADHDer’s life. For an example, here are 3 ways I manage my home/business time and tasks with HomeRoutines:

  1. Focusing on 1 task every 10 minutes. Using your ADHD hyperfocus, one of your lists, and the custom timer feature at the bottom left corner of the app, you can set a short time limit to spend focusing on your individual to-dos and stay on point and focused, using your time wisely.
  2. Keeping track of my weekly/monthly tasks. By utilizing other lists, such as the weekly and monthly to-do lists, you can keep track of your specific, perpetual schedule of responsibility.
  3. Looking at my accomplishments page. Every time you check off a task, it will show up on the HomeRoutines accomplishment page. It makes you feel like you’re on a roll when you get so many stars checked off.

Here’s what I think adults with ADHD should consider when deciding whether or not to use this app:

HomeRoutines App Cons

  • It hasn’t come to Android yet.
  • It will take up to 30 minutes initially to set up your individual system.
  • Without properly dealing with issues relating to overwhelm (if you expect too much of yourself and get overwhelmed), undone chores or tasks build up and this app will be just as useless as any other.

HomeRoutines App Pros

  • In my personal opinion, it is an excellent task management app. There are so many out there, but I know this one works for me, and it took very little time to adapt all my routines and to-dos right from the start.
  • The ability to customize this app is phenomenal. You can really adapt it to your systems.
  • It costs only $3.99 for the app, the sync capability, and the website side of things.

So is HomeRoutines worth using to manage your ADHD life?

I say yes, if you are looking for an app to manage your tasks and your routines, this is the one. Everyone I have turned on to HomeRoutines uses it religiously.

To get this app for your iPhone or your iPad, visit the HomeRoutines website.

Are you using HomeRoutines? Tell us what you like—or don’t like—about it in the comments!


Mark Kawate About Mark Kawate

Mark Kawate is a Business Developer with ADHD and the Founder of and @ADHDApps. Mark also works to build and promote multi-pronged approaches that take advantage of his ADHD, with the goal of furthering the quality of every ADHD life.


  1. Cool suggestions. I’d say, like anything else, these apps are only worth as much as you’re willing to put into them. You can download apps all day, use them for a week and what not. But the real value comes from consistent, daily use. Make it a habit!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly, Brock! It is about how much you are willing to develop your system and work with it. All the apps in the world won’t make a bit of difference unless you are willing to put the work in to make routines and habits that will balance and help you manage your life. -Mark

  3. A few similar apps are on Google Play for Android users. I personally like the Pomodoro timers, which default for 25 minutes of hyper focus followed by a 5 minute break. This works for me as I keep tasks queued, but if you want to set it for 10 minute intervals, most allow for that too.