searching internet stress man“I don’t have any goals that I need to work on. I just have a ton of questions. I’m tired of staying up all night trying to find the answers online and walking away more confused than when I started.”

This is what a new client told me when he booked a coaching session with me recently. Then he proceeded to ask me a list of questions:

  •    Why can’t I get to work on time, no matter how hard I try?
  •    Are there any books on ADHD that I should force myself to read, even though I don’t like to read?
  •    Do any of your other clients misplace their car keys and then find them in crazy places, like the cutlery drawer?
  •    Does medication actually help, or are pharmaceutical companies just trying to make a buck off desperate people?

The list went on and on. And while I could only answer so many questions in an hour, I completely understood where this client was coming from.

I, too, am one of those people who can get sucked into the Internet trying to find answers. I’ve been known to drive myself crazy looking for an answer to a specific question, getting frustrated when I find conflicting information, and then continuing to search all night in the hopes of finding “the truth.”

Can you relate?

I bet you can, because this is a very common experience among adults with ADHD. In the last decade or so, we’ve all found ourselves getting sucked into the Internet—spinning our wheels with one distraction after another, and often forgetting why we even went online in the first place! That’s because one of the best things about technology is also one of the most frustrating things: there is an overabundance of information out there.

When you want answers, you don’t want to have to waste time and energy trying to find those answers… and then wonder if you can even trust the answers you found.


This is one of the reasons why we founded the Virtual AD/HD Conference. Because we know what it’s like. And we want you to find the answers that you’ve been looking for.

At the Virtual AD/HD Conference, we connect you to the top ADHD doctors, psychiatrists, coaches, and authors. You’ll find important tools and resources for ADHD management, and you’ll discover valuable success strategies—all in one place.

You don’t have to search the Internet for hours on end looking for answers to your questions. You don’t have to decide who’s worth listening to and who’s full of BS. You don’t have to determine what is real science and what is pseudoscience. We filter the information for you, from sources and experts you can trust, and present it to you all in one place.

And not only will you find those answers, but you’ll also have them to keep in your own personal reference library. If you’re not able to attend the live Master Classes, then you can replay them for 3 months after the event, and you can download the presentation recordings and handouts, so you’ll always have the information at your fingertips…

…and that means no more wasting time and energy on endless Internet searches!

Go to to register now and you’ll save $50 on your reregistration fee. The conference is a 4-day online event and it begins on Monday October 7.

Join me, and say goodbye to endless Internet searches!

Virtual AD/HD Conference


Jennifer Koretsky About Jennifer Koretsky

Jennifer Koretsky, SCAC is the Managing Partner of the ADD Management Group, LLC and Chief Executive Officer of She is a Senior Certified ADHD Coach, and the author of Odd One Out: The Maverick's Guide to Adult ADD.