ADHDtileOne day I was out running errands, and I had some time to kill before an appointment. I decided to hit the dollar store and have a look around.

Now, I can do some serious damage in a dollar store to begin with. But when I spotted this decorative tile, I nearly died.

It’s a rooster. Wearing overalls. With a completely vacant expression. Hosing down two terrified baby chicks. In a barrel. One of whom is wearing a bow tie.

I loved it. And I knew my ADHD partner Jen would haaaate it.

Immediately I thought of an experiment. I said to myself, “Let me hang this in the bathroom and see how long it takes for Jen to notice it.” With her ADHD she has a tendency to glaze over certain things in her environment.

It took over a month. And it’s not like there’s a lot to look at in this bathroom. I hung the tile on a blank wall.

Jen finally noticed it one night when it was completely dark. She got up to use the bathroom during the night, so she didn’t turn the light on. I’m lying in bed, and all of a sudden I hear her say, “What the hell is on the wall?”

The tile had been hanging there for over a month, and when does she finally notice it? In the dark. When I told her about my little experiment, she refused to believe me at first. “No way that thing was there for a month.” But it was! And once she realized that, she congratulated me on an experiment well done.

The best part is, she’s letting me keep the tile.

This article was originally published on the former blog So I Married an ADDer.

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