ADHD websitesMy key desire is to show you the cream of the crop for living a successful adult ADHD life, technology-wise. What is out there and can change the way you live your life for the better?

Here are six websites that can change your lifestyle for the better and absolutely will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and choices to further yourself.

  • This amazingly innovative website allows you to study, via short video courses, the very basics of education all the way through advanced sciences and beyond. It’s a treasure trove of topics and subjects. It it is free for everybody, so go learn anything you want to right now!
  • Need a good visual tutorial on how to do anything? You will find good quality knowledge and step-by-step video tutorials by the thousands in a format that is not overwhelming at all. Learn how to do anything by watching these how-to’s.
  • Many ADHDers are creative and “big-picture” by nature, but often have great difficulty asking people for funding to fulfill their dreams and/or projects. This new and innovative website allows you to crowd-fund any creative for-profit idea/project. The people who like your project can donate as much or as little as they want, and you can make your dreams come true! Oh innovation. :)
  • If you have to do any social media at all, this this web-based “dashboard” allows you to pre-schedule your posts and tweets, customizing when they will be published. HootSuite will also let you set up social media pipelines so you don’t have to post to every network individually. The analytics let you see what is happening in a very simple and ADHD-friendly way.
  • A wealth of cutting edge, inspiring and inspired videos from the very popular TED conference are regularly posted on this website. This is my personal favorite resource for just a moment to relax and brainstorm. There are so many amazing presentations in one centralized location, it makes me excited to just see the logo!
  • I know you might be thinking, why LegalZoom? This website-based business makes legal wrangling so much easier than dealing with a lawyer and  so much cheaper than retaining legal counsel. documents have been upheld in many, many legal cases, which says to me that the quality of work is comparable. This makes life easier and less tedious.

Which of these website do you currently use? Which do you think might prove helpful? Let us know in the comments!


Mark Kawate About Mark Kawate

Mark Kawate is a Business Developer with ADHD and the Founder of and @ADHDApps. Mark also works to build and promote multi-pronged approaches that take advantage of his ADHD, with the goal of furthering the quality of every ADHD life.


  1. Lisa Comingore says:

    I would like to throw out Sprout Social as another social media dashboard option. I think it’s going to work even better for me than Hootsuite. Just sayin’ :-)

  2. Renee Turner says:

    why did every link I clicked send me to “not found, error 404?”